Out with the Old - July 2015 Empties

 July wasn't a great month for me in terms of empties, I only finished off half of what I usually do - less than a dozen products. Of the few products I finished, a majority were either samples or travel sized. Disappointing. I'm really trying to cut down my collection before I move, and I want to make more progress next month. Anyway, lets take a look at the products I finished in July. As always, products I intend to repurchase or already had a backup of will be marked with an asterisk (*).

 Bath&BodyWorks Sweet on Paris Fine Fragrance Mist - empty
A limited edition body spray from 2013's Paris collection, this body spray smelled like lemon and raspberry baked goods. I loved it, it was sweet and fruity without being obnoxious, and the packaging was precious. This is the first full sized Fine Fragrance Mist I've ever finished, and it will be sorely missed. 

I'm not really a candle person, but I really liked Pumpkin Caramel Latte, which I received as a Christmas gift. This candle smelled great, especially on cold nights - like creamy, warm carmel with just a hint of pumpkin. I already cleaned the jar out, and I'll probably hold onto it for brush storage. 

Bath&BodyWorks Twisted Peppermint Pocket Bac - empty 
I love the Holiday Traditions Twisted Peppermint lotion, but I was less enthused for the matching Pocket Bac, which smelled less like pure peppermint and more like a menthol cigarette with a sweet twist once it dried down. Not a scent I really want on my hands. I loved the little raccoon and birdy on the label though. 

Bath&BodyWorks Tuscan Melon Pocket Back - empty 
The Tuscan Melon Pocket Bac smells awesome, like strong honeydew with a sharp, tartness to it. Delicious. Shame it was limited edition. 

Bath&BodyWorks Endless Weekend Body Lotion - empty 
I love Endless Weekend - the name suits it so well, and the label artwork is so summery and wonderful. I was pairing this lotion with the Wild Citrus Sunflower Shower Gel, another personal favorite that you should expect to see in my August empties.
I threw on a pair of these fine line reducing eye patches the night before getting a new ID photo. I still have a couple packets of them left. 

I hated this day cream for my face, it took ages to sink in and it left me greasy and it smelled way too strong. I stopped using it for my face, and finished it off as a body lotion.

Real Chemistry Luminous Three Minute Peel - empty
Peeling gels like these are so gimmicky - they're worse than peel off masks. They don't do any serious exfoliation. I used it twice, mostly for the lulz. 

This serum was awesome for me! Very hydrating and softening, and natural - plus it isn't too expensive. I hope to repurchase this hyaluronic serum pretty soon.

This leave in conditioning spray was alright for me - it left my hair silky and and healthy, but it had a tendency to leave my hair a little greasy sometimes.

Exuviance Collagen Triple Boost Serum - empty
This serum was nothing special, it contains a lot of ineffective or potentially damaging ingredients. Not worth the $75 price tag at all. 

This setting spray didn't do much for me, but it did dial back the look of powder on the skin, and it smelled good. I didn't include a photo because I already repurposed the bottle.

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