Zakia Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask Review

 Zakia's Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder is an "exquisite, all natural and organic detoxifying clay that's unique in it's composition, quality, and purity. It is meticulously selected from ancient, mineral rich deposits found deep within the fertile Atlas Mountains and contains 100% pure Ghassoul. Simply mix with a little water to create a smooth, creamy texture then glide effortlessly over the face, neck, and hair as desired. Within seconds, you will feel a gentle tingling as the intense detoxification begins to absorb impurities and harmful substances. You can expect a buttery smooth, soft, and toned skin complexion free from drying, blemishes, blackheads, and blocked pores. Your hair will feel light, manageable, and conditioned with curls defined and frizz controlled. Eczema, psoriasis, and acne are treated and calmed without stripping your skin of essential oils." Wow, so according to Zakia, this clay powder can do pretty much everything - we have a real miracle product here, apparently. The Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder contains 8oz (225 grams) and sells for $19.99. Zakia is cruelty free. This mask is ethically sourced, fair trade, and made in Morocco.

 Zakia's Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder comes in a stout plastic jar with a twist cap. The brand logo and product name are printed on the front of the label; a product description and directions can be found on the back. I really wish a shaker top or sifter was included with this jar - its messy to say the least! The good news is that the packaging is recyclable.
 Zakia's Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder is a soft, fine powder that's meant to be mixed with water (or another liquid if you want, like milk or rosewater for example), and mixed into a paste. It can be difficult to get the consistency right, but you'll master it with practice - I've found that 1 tbs of powder and 1 tsp of water turns out pretty good. Zakia recommends letting the mask sit and thicken for several minutes before application (but to me that's optional).

This clay mask has a smooth, almost creamy texture that spreads over the skin easily. Zakia's Ghassoul Clay Mask dries very quickly - its dry as a bone in five minutes or less! You can rinse it off as soon as you'd like, Zakia recommends 10-20 minutes, I leave it on for about 12. Rinsing is really interesting, the clay balls up and falls off instead of getting rinsed away cleanly - its weird and you'll probably need to clean your drain if you want to avoid a clog! The Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask feels quite tightening while its on - I thought it was going to be too drying, but I couldn't have been more wrong - this all natural mask gives me lovely results! The Ghassoul clay based mask leavess my skin feeling extremely soft and smooth, firmer and bouncier, with tighter pores and reduced redness. This mask also absorbs just the right amount of oil, and never leaves my complexion arid or tight.  I know I just made fun of this product's description because it makes Zakia's Ghassoul Clay Mask sound like the perfect product, but honestly it kinda is! Zakia says this mask can be used everyday if you'd like, and I agree - I started off using it once a week like I would with most clay masks, but I've used it for five days straight and my skin looks and feels great, so I have no intention of stopping.

Apparently, you can use this clay mask in your hair as well, but I haven't tried it and I don't plan on it - my hair is just so thick, I feel like I could never get all of it out! I can say that I've applied it over my eyebrows, and they feel a little softer. Not sure if the results would be the same for the rest of my hair though.
Zakia's Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask is great! This clay mask is kinda messy but the results are totally worth it - it firms and brightens my skin, leaving it extra soft. I think Zakia's clay mask will benefit most skin types, though I think drier skin will want to use a more moisturizing base (aloe maybe? glycerin?), and use it only once a week or so. I highly recommend Zakia's Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask - its very effective, and the value is just incredible - you'll get dozens and dozens of masks out of this 8oz jar! This is an all around great product - get it!

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