Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lip Gloss Swatches - Bittersweet and Failbait

I received a couple sample pods of Urban Decay's Revolution High Color Lip Glosses in an Ipsy Bag and I wanted to share the swatches with yinz, as well as just a few notes on the formula. Before we move on, let me just give you a couple facts - the Revolution High Color Lip Glosses are available in 14 shades and cost $22 a piece. Urban Decay is cruelty free. Click through for more.

On the left we have Failbait, and on the right is Bittersweet. As you can see, these lip glosses are hella pigmented. The consistency is thin and smooth, yet color tends to go on unevenly, as you'll see in my lip swatches below (which were applied with a lip brush). This lip gloss formula tends to travel during wear, it slips a little out of my lip lines - good thing these samples came with a lip liner! Though I haven't worn Bittersweet, since bright violets aren't really my color, I have worn Failbait with good results. This lip gloss lasted about two hours on me, and it probably would've stuck around longer if I hadn't munched on some french fries. I don't notice any flavor or scent in Urban Decay's new gloss formula. 
Bittersweet is a glossy, vibrant violet shade. The color is beautiful, but its damn near impossible to apply this bold gloss in  an even layer - color just seems to bunch up, if that makes sense. Bittersweet was almost runny to be honest. You can see it outside of my lip line and multiple places, and they weren't application mistakes - Bittersweet just can't stay put! There was about three minutes between application and this photo, and it really moved around a lot in that short period of time. 
Failbait is a pretty neutral pink with a shiny finish. I really like this color, and I had much better results with this shade. Failbait is much more sheer than Bittersweet, so it appears more even than the more pigmented shades, though I feel like its still a bit uneven. This lip gloss did travel out of the lip line a little, but no where near as much as the previous shade.

Have you tried any of the Revolution High Color Lip Glosses?


  1. I got this is my Ipsy bag too, but haven't used it yet.

    1. Eh, the samples are pretty generous, but difficult to use.