Royal&Langnickle Revolution BX-145 Mascara Fan Brush Review + How To Use a Mascara Fan Brush

 Royal&Langnickel's Revolution BX-145 Mascara will give you a "professional mascara application" with this "grooved fan brush". This mascara brush sells for $7.99, but I was lucky enough to score it for just two or three bucks are Sydney IMATS. Royal&Langnickel's brushes can be purchased from the brand's website (which offers international shipping), and at select beauty supplies.

 Royal&Langnickel's BX-145 has a long, narrow, black rubberized handle, the R&L logo and brush number are printed on it. The black metal ferrule is firmly affixed to the handle, and it has a strong hold on the synthetic. vegan bristles.

The BX-145 Mascara Fan Brush has a very interesting brush head that's difficult to describe. The Revolution BX 145 has a small (.75" wide), fan shaped brush head with chunky, uneven bristle placement. Its definitely unique - I don't have anything else like it! There are a couple splayed bristles here or there (I trimmed a few on the edge), but for the most part it keeps it's shape. Washing this brush can be a challenge - I recommending washing it ASAP after use, the drier the mascara becomes, the harder BX-145 is to clean.
 Mascara fan brushes can be difficult to master, and they certainly are not for everyone! Brushes like Royal&Langnickel's BX-145 can be used with any sort of mascara product - the typical kind in a tube (I used Maybelline's Colossal Chaotic Lash in my demo photos below), or cake mascaras (I hear Besasme's is good). This brush can also be used to apply loose fiber extensions like Essence's Volumizing Lash Powder. Regardless of the product that you choose, the BX-145 provides a light application of product. Mascara fan brushes are great for creating a light, fluttery, separated lash look - no clumps what so ever! The best part about the BX-145? It gets right to the base of the lashes, it practically tightlines!

So how do you use this brush? It' surprisingly simple with a bit of practice. Here are some step by step instructions to get you started:
 Step 1: Curl the lashes, and load your BX-145 brush with mascara, on both the tips of the bristles, and the sides.
 Step 2: Holding the BX-145 vertically, align the tips of the bristles with the roots of your lashes, pressing the bristles against the base of the lashes and wiggle left and right. This will establish clump free volume at the roots. 
Step 3: Turn the brush horizontally, and sweep the bristles along the length of lashes, coating the lashes. 

[2 coats, using above method]
Royal&Langnickel's Revolution BX-145 Mascara Fan Brush is a well made tool, but it isn't the most practical one. Using this brush provides very little impact on the lashes, but it takes a fair bit of effort - at least twice as long as using a traditional mascara wand. This brush can take time to master, I hope my little walk through was helpful. If you want a quick, simple mascara application, stick to the brush that comes with your mascara, or a disposable spoolie. Leave mascara fan brushes like Royal&Langnickel's Revolution BX-145 to the pros, unless you're feeling very experimental!