Rimmel Brand Overview

Rimmel London is one of the world's oldest and most popular beauty brands! Rimmel was founded by Eugene Rimmel in 1834, as a London based perfumery. The brand went on to create revolutionary products like the first mass market mouthwash and mascara (fun fact: rimmel means mascara in eight languages!). The brand remained family owned until it was bought by Coty Inc. in 1949. The brand arrived in the USA in the late 90s and has grown significantly since. While I haven't tried all of Rimmel's products, I have given a fair few of them a try. Click through to read more about Rimmel. 

Animal Testing: Not cruelty free (Coty Inc Subsidiary)

Availability: Drugstores and major retailers world wide, drugstore.com, Asos 

Pricing: Under $10. Frequent sales and coupons.

Partnerships: N/A

Perks: N/A

Packaging: Rimmel doesn't really have a cohesive packaging style, though they seem to use a lot of purple, and their crown logo is cute! Most of Rimmel's packaging needs major improvement. The plastic compacts that the package their eyeshadows, powders, and blushes are extremely flimsy and prone to cracking. Their pressed powders come in a pan with a snap on lid, as opposed to a traditional compact, so they're not really purse friendly. All of their foundations come in squeeze tubes, or with pumps outside of the USA, unfortunately, the American versions of their foundations do not have pumps, which is majorly inconvenient - hopefully that changes soon!

The Look: Rimmel's motto is "Get the London Look". Their ads, which feature Kate Moss, Zooey Deschanel, and  Georgia May Jagger, put the spotlight on flawless, dewy, highlighted skin; full, glossy, and pouty lips, and a good deal of black eyeliner. Edgy, but polished. 

Products Offered: Rimmel has a huge selection of products that covers all the bases - and more- and believe it or not, their product range is even larger outside of the US - spanning into body care and sunless tanners! Rimmel offers several types of each product to suit a variety of needs. When it comes to lipsticks and mascaras, you'll be overwhelmed by choice! 

Rimmels fan favorites seem to be their Kate Moss lipstick range, and Stay Matte pressed powder (oddly enough I've tried neither - this has to change!). I rarely see a poor review of their product! Just as unanimously loved as these products are, their eyeshadows seem to get a universal thumbs down. 

One of Rimmel's best strengths, in my opinion, is their ability to create very fair foundation shades. Pale shades in yellow, neutral, and pink undertones are available for pretty much all of their foundations. It's rare to find a foundation or concealer shades that truly matches my skin, at least at the drugstore level. Unforunately, the same cannot be said for very deep shades, hopefully that will change. 

Wish List: Wake Me Up Foundation, Brow This Way Brow Gel, Stay Blushed in Sunkissed Cherry, Good to Glow Highlighter, Lasting Finish Concealer, 

Summary: Rimmel London is hit or miss for me. The products I love, I love, and the products I don't love go in the garbage. It's as simple as that. Their foundations are great, especially if you're super fair like myself. Their ScandalEyes Kohl Kajals and Shadow Sticks are some of my favorites, and their Match Perfection Foundation and Concealer are staples in my daily life. Rimmel is an extremely affordable and accessible brand that makes mostly good products, but nothing is really incredible, honestly.