Products I've Hit Pan On Update June 2015

 I haven't updated the products that I've hit pan on since this time last year. All the products in my last update (except one) are long gone! Here's a new batch of products that are on their way out. Click through for a look at the products I've hit pan on!

 I don't really like NYX's Radiant Finishing Powder to be quite honest, but I didn't want to just toss is out. I hit pan on this color balancing pressed powder quickly, and have made a huge dent in it so far. The yellow portion of this powder is much harder than the other five colors, and it isn't wearing down at the same rate as the others. I expect to finish this six shade powder in the next two or three months.
 On the other hand, I really like Bourjois' Healthy Balance Powder, which I've been using as a powder foundation pretty often lately. Just last month, there was only the tiniest speck of pan visible right in the center.
 I've been using this little sample pan of Benefit's famous Hoola Bronzer for nearly three years. Just like the Bourjois powder above, I had a little hint of pan visible for a while, but lately that hole has been expanding - and it keeps getting bigger with every use! I think Hoola will still last me a good while though, as I don't use a ton of bronzer every day.
 Here we have two similar products - both potted, glossy balms - not the type of product I typically like to use, but I'm making a concerted effort to get through both of them. I'm working on Absolute's Green Apple You're the Balm lip balm first, and I should definitely have it gone by the end of the month - there's less in there than it looks. As soon as I finish You're the Balm, I'll be moving on to The Body Shop's Born Lippy Strawberry Balm, which is really more of a gloss than a lip care product to be honest.
And finally, we come to the eyeshadows. In the top left is one of my all time favorite eyeshadows, NYX Taupe, which is unfortunately discontinued. I've had this eyeshadow for years, and I use it all the time - its my perfect crease shade, so its no wonder I'm about 1/3 of the way through it. Next up, in the center, we have Devilish Danielle from theBalm's Shady Lady vol2 Palette. I'm close to hitting pan on four or five shadows in that palette actually. And last, but not least we have Rob Scheppy for Tini Beauty's Pearl Fizz Eyeshadow (which turns out to be a dupe for Devilish Danielle!). I knicked this shadow when it was new, and I've been working at it since. This is my current favorite single shadow, I really adore it and I think it'll be gone by the end of the year.

I'm close to hitting pan on at least four or five more products, so expect some new items in my next update. Have you hit pan on anything recently? Share in the comments!


  1. Wow! You have hit pan on so many products. I know how happy it feels. 😀
    Please do another post about this subject. That would be cool.


    1. I'll try to do another one soon, but I moved recently and left behind most of my makeup, so I don't have a lot of products that I've hit pan/am near hitting pan on. Thanks for the input tho!