Olive Natural Oats&Honey Lip Balm Review

"Olive Natural Beauty’s most gentle formula, Oats & Honey provides the soothing and calming properties that your sensitive skin craves. With the best amino acid balance of all cereal grains, our organic oats work excellently to restore your skin’s natural moisture. Because of our skin’s tendency to dehydrate as it ages, we’ve added organic clover honey to help skin stay soft, supple and healthy. Honey’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help soothe sensitive skin while simultaneously providing important natural antioxidants and non-abrasive exfoliation to promote the renewal of skin cells and prevention of premature aging. No added organic essential oil make this scent safe enough for all-ages and skin types." This lip balm contains 2 grams (.07 oz) and sells for $5.95 via the brand's website and Etsy store, or from a couple of small retailers, mostly out in the Midwest. I received my tube of the Oats&Honey Lip Balm in an Ipsy Bag. Olive Natural is a cruelty free brand, and they use only all natural, organic, fair trade ingredients. This lip balm was made in America.

Olive Natural's Olive Lip Balms come in long, narrow plastic tubes - this is the skinniest lip balm I've ever used! A label wraps around the slender tube, offering the brand logo, product name, and list of ingredients. This lip balm twists up smoothly, but it struggles to scroll back down, so you'll have to apply some pressure to the balm to push it back down. That maybe a problem throughout the line, or it could just be my tube. Who knows. Packaging is not recyclable. 

Olive Natural's Oats&Honey Lip Balm is kinda great! This all natural lip balm is slick, yet slightly waxy, with a fair bit of weight to it - you'll definitely notice the Olive Balm on your lips for at least half an hour. This balm imparts a good bit of moisture, which is then sealed in by that waxiness, making Olive Naturals' lip balm a great choice if you need to sooth, hydrate and protect your lips. I could definitely see this lip balm becoming a winter time staple! What's truly fantastic about the Olive Natural Honey&Oats Lip Balms are how infrequently I need to reapply it - maybe two, three times a day tops. This lip balm's moisture really lasts, leaving my lips feeling smooth, plump, and healthy. The Olive Natural Lip Balms are colorless and provide only the most subtle amount of shine, making this more a functional product than a decorative one - which is fine by me. This lip balm is also a great choice if your significant other has an irrational fear of using a shiny lip balm. That's not a problem for me, Deano will use Baby Lips if he has to, he don't give a heck, but I know a lot of boys that have a problem with any sort of a tint or shine in their lip care products. The Oats&Honey balm has a mild, sweet, oatmeal scent and flavor. 

Olive Naturals' Oats&Honey Lip Balm is great, its very hydrating and it seems like it would help to shield lips from cold winter weather. I'm really glad that I received this lip balm, its one of my favorite products from Ipsy this year! If you want an effective, natural lip balm from an indie brand, Olive Naturals' lip balms are good choice! 

organic olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, organic cera alba (beeswax), organic & fair traded butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), organic theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, organic cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, organic prunus dulcis (almond) oil, organic simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, organic vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, organic essential oil blend

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