June Monthly LipPicks

 My June LipPicks are up! Finally! I had the post written for nearly a week, but the lighting was terrible for the last five days. Finally some sun! You can always count on Pittsburgh to have miserable weather in the summer lol. Anyway, this month's LipPicks are mostly comprised of mid toned coral shades, and shimmery glosses - super summery, right? Click through to see the six glosses and six lipsticks I'm trying to use more of this month!

 Benefit PosieBalm, Almay Rosy Lipped, Benefit Dandelion,  Makeup by 1D Kiss You, Borghese Odyssey,  ELFWatermelon 
Revlon Tutti Fruitti, Pixi Coral Crush, Pop Coral Crush, Eddie Funkhouser Kiki, UD 69, L'Oreal I Lacque You A Lot
 PosieBalm is a sheer, barely there pink balm with a delightfully moisturizing formula. I usually keep this shiny balm in my purse, for a quick hit of hydration on the go. I have just a little nub of PosieBalm left, so I expect to see it in my empties at the end of the month!
 Benefit Dandelion Ultra Plush Gloss is a sheer pink with fine golden shimmer. Just like PosieBalm, it has a soft, moisturizing formula that makes it comfortable to wear. I have barely anything left in my deluxe sample tube, which is getting kinda old - hopefully I finish Dandelion this month (it will be missed!).
 Almay's Liquid Lip Balm in Rosy Lipped in a nude pink gloss with a soft shine and hydrating formula (though I wouldn't really call it a liquid lip balm). This is a great gloss to reach for when I'm not sure what else to wear. I'm about 1/2 way through this gloss.
 I have no reason to own Makeup by One Direction Kiss You LiquiLights Glow Gloss anymore. Zayn is gone, what point is there? This sheer neon orange glitter gloss is fun to layer with the other orange shades I've chosen this month. I'll probably give Kiss You the go at the end of June.
 Borghese Odyssey Eclissare ColorGlass is a sheer bronze gloss with orangey hints and golden shimmer. A great summer color, one of the most flattering brown toned shades I've tried. The citrus scent makes Odyssey all the most summer-friendly!
 ELF's Watermelon Super Glossy Lip Shine is a pretty, shimmering medium pink with a great formula. It seems like this lip gloss will never end! I've had Watermelon for nearly three years, and I use it often but it's still close to full!
 Revlon's Tutti Frutti Lip Butter is a bright, creamy, juicy orange lipstick that screams summer to me! This lipstick is almost gone, I only have about a fifth of it left!
 Pixi Coral Crush Shea Butter Lip Balm is a pinky coral with a satin finish. For a tinted balm, Coral Crush has surprisingly strong payoff, which is why I included it as a lipstick. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of this formula, I'm hoping that changes though.
Pop Beauty's Coral Crush Pouty Pop Lip Crayon is a bright, pink coral with a creamy finish. This is one of my all time favorite coral shades, its so bright and festive! Perhaps my all time favorite summer shade.
Eddie Funkhouser's Kiki Chromographic Lip Color is a soft, nude pink that pulls a little bit coral. Kiki has a lovely satin finish, its a summer shade that'll go with bright looks or neutral styles.
 Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick in 69 is a blue toned, cool classic red. Not a color I reach for often, and not really one I equate with summer. Honestly, I just want to get this little sample out of my way!
L'Oreal's I Lacque You a Lot La Lacque was a limited edition product from two summers ago. I ration this warm, glossy red because it is amazing! This is one of the longest lasting lipsticks I've ever used - it lasts six hours on me! By the way - these are coming back as a permanent product!

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  1. I was just gonna tell you about the loreal lippies! Lol maybe I'll get some this time around! And why Zayne? Harry's the cute one anyway ;) haha, I don't know much about one direction but I know Harry looks like a young Johnny Depp so...I back it :p anyway I love the Almay glosses too! Good choices. Do you have any issue with the Elf watermellon lip gloss burning your lips? I love the shade but it makes my lips burn...I'm thinking I might be a little allergic to something in a few reddish lip glosses but I don't know...the other shades I've tried don't burn!

    1. Hopefully you do, both formulas are great!

      I don't even care if I sound like a ho, I'd let any of the guys from 1D hit it, they're all cute.

      Also, the ELF gloss is fine for me tbh, I've never had any burning with any of their products. I was going to suggest an allergy to Carmine, but ELF's gloss doesn't contain any. I hope you figure out whats causing the problem!

  2. Hahahahahaha! True that!

    And I'll have to look into it...I'll admit I'm not too hot with ingredients in cosmetics, I don't know what they are so...I just don't pay attention lol I know that sounds terrible but since I only have two that I get that from maybe it won't be too hard to figure it out :p

    1. This is a great reference for cosmetic ingredients: