June 2015 Birchbox Unboxing - Say Yes!

Does your mailman ever leave your packages in weird places? I was letting my pup out, and I noticed a pink box behind a broom in the corner of our porch. What was it? Turns out, it was my Birchbox - my first one in a year, to be exact. I had two Birchboxes this month last year, and both of them were really unimpressive. I came across a coupon code that offered a box for just a buck, so I resubbed just for this month. I received another lackluster box, but I guess it isn't bad for a dollar! Click through to see what came in my June 2015 Birchbox.

Sunscreen and a leave in conditioner - just like my other two Birchboxes. I was a little confused, because when I saw previews for this box, they indicated that everyone was going to get a full sized Eyeko eyeliner...but I haven't seen anyone get one? On the other hand, Birchbox included a code in each box that was redeemable for a bunch of different prizes - I won 20% off of a $50 order. I probably won't use it, but that's still pre nice,
EmiJay Hair Tie Birchbox
Emi Jay Hair Tie 
Single Hair Tie - $2.60
Five Pack - $13

This is my bonus item this month, and its also probably my favorite. I love these ribbon hair ties, they're all I use. Now that I have a new one, I can retire some of my stretched out ones.I love this pretty burgundy color as well! Not sure how it looks against my red hair, but hey, who judges someone on their ponytail holder? 
Coola Fresh Mango Classic Sunscreen Birchbox
Coola Fresh Mango Classic Sunscreen SPF 50
Sample (15ml) - $3.20
Full Size (150ml) -$32

I've like Coola sunscreens in the past, and I liked to have little tubes of SPF to carry in my purse, for just in case situations. Though I like the quality of Coola's sunscreens, my favorite aspect of the brand is their packaging. I love the color scheme they use, its such a pretty light blue. This sunscreen has a vague fruity scent, but it doesn't shout 'mango' by any means. 
No.4 Super Comb Prep&Protect
Sample (30ml) - $4.80
Full Size (200ml) - $32
I have far too many leave in conditioning sprays, so I'm jut going to pass this one straight on to someone else. Also, I don't like how this spray smells. herbal in an unpleasant way.
Shisedo Ubuki Gentle Cleanser Birchbox
Shiseido Ubuki Gentle Cleanser
Sample (5ml) - $1.20
Full Size (125ml) - $30

My first Shiseido product! This cleanser sample is extra little, it'll probably only last me a couple uses. It's still a cool product to try, I love new cleansers. 
Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel  Birchbox
Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel 
Sample (5ml) - $4.80 
Full Size (150ml) - $48

This sample is misleading in size - it looks to be a decent size, but the little tube is practically empty! I don't believe that there's 5ml in it tbh. 
Marcelle Electric Blue Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil
Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Electric Blue
Deluxe Sample (.8 grams) - $7.33
Full Size (1.2 grams) - $11

The only makeup product in this box. The color of this pencil is pretty, but I don't think I'll use it. I haven't swatched it, I'll probably put in for a giveaway. 
Total Value of my June Box:

I already canceled my Birchbox subscription again. Nothing about this box really excites me. The value is ok, considering I spent only a dollar, but the size of most samples is pretty small. Birchbox is just too skin and hair based for my liking, I'd prefer to get more makeup. I probably won't re-sub again, unless there's another great deal like this one.

What did you get in your June box?

Share your thoughts on Birchbox in the comments. 

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  1. Is definitely worth a buck

  2. I got the $1 box deal too...for $10 it would have been a flop but for a buck it was good! I agree it was strange we didn't get the eyeko eyeliner...every box I saw got the Marcelle liner in various shades though. I got the dark purple one (I was hoping for the green lol) and like two different moisturizers, the same sunscreen (which I am happy for! I love coola!) and a head band that's too small so I'll use it for a hair tie, and I think something else...But I don't remember :p

    1. Completely agree. I'm also glad you noticed the Eyeko eyeliner thing. how confusing and disappointing. All I want is one good Birchbox =(