Bath&BodyWorks Warm Vanilla Sugar Candle Review

 Bath&BodyWorks says they make "the world's best candle, guaranteed! Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils and an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead free weicks, the wax melts consistently and evenly, radiating enough fragrance to fill an entire room." Today I'm reviewing the Warm Vanilla Sugar 3 Wick Candle, which is part of the permanent line of home fragrances (there is also a coordinating Signature Collection body care line). This candle weighs in at 14.5 oz, and is meant to burn for 25-45 hours and it sells for $22.50 (though Bath&BodyWorks offers so many sales and coupons, its rare to pay full price!). This candle was gifted to me by my lovely boss. Bath&BodyWorks is cruelty free, and makes their products in America.

 The Warm Vanilla Sugar 3 Wick Candle comes in a round, glass jar with a silver, flame extinguishing lid. The Warm Vanilla Sugar label is plain but attractive, it features the scent name, with what appears to be a rose made of icing and sprinkled with sugar. A label with the scent description and directions on how to safely burn this candle can be found on the bottom of the jar. All packaging is recyclable.
 I'm not too into candles, and I've only tried a few from Bath&BodyWorks, but so far they've all been really nice. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the Warm Vanilla Sugar 3 Wick Candle - its not bad, it just isn't the same quality that I've come to expect. For one, the wicks don't light easily, and for some reason they struggle to stay lit. This vanilla scented candle takes a really long time to fully liquefy across the top - I'm talking over two hours! I know this is a big candle, but damn, I don't always got 2-3 hours to burn a candle! Warm Vanilla Sugar melts unevenly, as you can see in the photo below, I've had to scrape left behind wax out more than once. This candle is burning cleanly though, theres no soot in the jar, it doesn't smoke, and the off white wax is not discolored at all.

Bath&BodyWorks describes Warm Vanilla Sugar as an "exclusive blend of an addictive swirl of creamy vanilla and sparkling sugar." Warm Vanilla Sugar is a pretty basic, sweet vanilla scent - when I think of a generic scented candle, this is exactly the scent that comes to mind. Pre-burn, Warm Vanilla Sugar has a soapy quality to it, but that disappears once it's lid. While its burning, Warm Vanilla Sugar becomes a soft, pure, warm, sugary vanilla scent. Unfortunately, my Warm Vanilla Sugar candle has very little scent throw - this candle doesn't even scent my tiny bedroom/office. The scent barely lingers after I put this candle out - the room still smells like vanilla for 15-20 minutes, and after that it just smells kinda waxy.
So, Bath&BodyWorks Warm Vanilla Sugar 3 Wick Candle isn't great. Problematic burning, weak scent - but hey, it really came in handy during a recent power outage. I wouldn't repurchase the Warm Vanilla Sugar candle. but I'll still burn it from time to time. Have you had a similar experience with the Warm Vanilla Sugar candle?

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