Schick HydroSilk TrimStyle Razor Review

Schick's newest razor combines their "HydroSilk razor with a waterproof bikini trimmer for all your leg and bikini area needs. The razor features five Curve Sensing blades to provide incredible closeness while reducing skin irritation. With just a flip of the handle, the TrimStyle transforms into a waterproof bikini trimmer, which can be used in and out of the shower for convenient bikini maintenance." This razor retails for around $16 at drugstores and major retailers. Apparently, Schick is cruelty free (but I can't confirm.) This razor was made in China. 

Schick HydroSilk Trimstyle Razor
 The TrimStyle Razor is a little hard for me to review, because I'm not really much of a shaver, honestly. I only shave what I feel like, when I feel like it. I'm just lazy about it, plain and simple When I do shave, I prefer men's razors (from Gilette, to be specific). That being said, I've tried Schick's HydroSilk razors in the past and liked it well enough, so when BzzAgent offered the TrimStyle for review, I accepted.
 This five bladed razor provides a smooth, close shave. The built in shave gel really helps the razor glide over the skin. However, I find the razor head far too wide to maneuver around my bony knees and ankles. Unfortunately, the included shave gel only lasts about three shaves before it runs out. All Schick HydroSilk razor cartridges will work with the TrimStyle.
 Now, onto the waterproof, battery powered bikini trimmer. Schick's trimmer has three length settings (or you can just take the white plastic comb all the way off like I do). The trimmer vibrates gently at the press of a button, trimming hair down to a short, neat stubble. The TrimStyle trimmer won't be very effective unless you've gone a while between shaves. If I'm honest, I'm a little tempted to use the TrimStyle to give myself an undercut,
Schick's TrimStyle Razor and trimmer get the job done - but they aren't exactly revolutionary or anything. The razor glides smoothly, and shaves closely. The trimmer isn't very useful for me, personally, but it works well. I still think I'd look hot with an undercut, what do yinz think? Just a little one. I've been thinking about it for like three years. I'll buy HydroSilk razor refills when they're on sale. I recommend the Schick HydroSilk TrimStyle if you want an affordable, multiuse hair removal tool.

Shave Gel Ingredients:
PEG-115M, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Stearate, Undaria Pinnatifida Powder, Lauryl Methacrylate/Glycol Dimethacrylate Crosspolymer, Shea Butter

This product was sent to me by BzzKit for review. My opinions were not influenced by BzzKit, Schick, or any other third party.