Real Techniques Sculpting Brush Review

 Real Techniques' new Sculpting Brush features a "wide, angled head specifically designed to help create defined contours. The Sculpting Brush is a must-have in your makeup bag to enhance your natural features, or to modify the shape and look of your face." This brush retails for around $10 at Ulta, drugstores, and major retailers - I believe I paid about $8 at WalMart. The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush was made in China.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
 The Real Technique Sculpting Brush has a great design! The thick but feather light pink aluminum handle has a flat rubber base that helps this brush stand upright on it's own - making storage a breeze; unless you keep your brushes in a brush roll (the Sculpting Brush doesn't fit into the largest pockets in my Royal&Langnickel brush rolls).The Real Techniques logo and brush name are printed on the handle in a darker pink lettering. The duofiber brush head is quite thick and gently angled (similar in shape to Luxie's 504 brush, but much fuller). These synthetic bristles are incredibly soft and plush - the Sculpting Brush is such a pleasure on the skin! Like all the Real Techniques brushes I've tried, the Sculpting Brush is so well made! The brush head has maintained it's shape perfectly and not a single bristle has been shed. This synthetic brush washes well, both creams and powders rinse right out, and the brush dries incredibly fast!
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush Close Up
 I love Real Techniques' Sculpting Brush! Its so good - and not just for contouring! Real Techniques' Sculpting Brush fits perfectly under the cheek and jaw bones, and along the hair line (though its far too large to contour the nose), so you're going to get an accurate application every time. This brush diffuses powders evenly and effortlessly, creating a soft, natural effect, and a believable contour. I haven't tried blending out any cream contour products, but I can confirm that the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush works well with both cream and liquid products. I know that because I LOVE using this brush to apply foundations. Real Techniques' Sculpting Brush buffs my foundations on so flawlessly, providing an even, streak free finish! Even difficult foundations like Rimmel's Stay Matte Mousse go on easy when applied with the Sculpting Brush.
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush side view
Real Techniques' Sculpting Brush is great. This brush is well constructed, with great quality synthetic bristles that never shed. The shape of this brush makes it absolutely perfect for contouring the face, and the density of this soft brush helps any foundation go on evenly. You really cannot go wrong with Real Techniques' Sculpting Brush! I'm so glad I bought this brush, and you will be too!


  1. I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. I love all the Real Techniques brushes I have bought to date. I haven't seen this one but I know I need this.

    1. Its pretty new, so it may not be in stores near you yet - but definitely pick it up. Real Techniques never disappoints!

  3. I like this electric pink colour, really suits you