Blast from the Past: L'Oreal Project Runway Audacious Amazon's Gaze Eyeshadow Quad

 I was de-stashing, and I came across this old quad from L'Oreal! This is the Audacious Amazon's Gaze Eyeshadow Quad from the very first L'Oreal and Project Runway collaboration. This quad was released in fall of 2010, I believe. I wanted it badly - I was in love with the color scheme, but I was trying to resist spending nearly ten bucks on it. As time past, this quad proved to be pretty unpopular and it wasn't selling. The Audacious Amazon's Gaze Quad was in the clearance bin of every Rite Aid I visited, marked down to $6 or less - but every time I found it I never had the cash on me to buy it! Fast forward to March of 2011, and I finally found one for just $3.75 and picked it up. Click through for my thoughts on this long discontinued quad.

 After five months of lemming for this quad, I took it home, and immediately disliked it. Figures, huh? These shadows are thin, and not very pigmented, if I'm honest. The two shimmery shades are alright, but the matte purple is a real disappointment. These eyeshadows are thin in texture, and blend away to a faint representation of the colors in the pan. The four shades in the Audacious Amazon's Gaze quad are an interesting color combo, but its difficult to create a full look with this quad.

Shade 1: Lime green with golden shimmer
Shade 2: Satiny lemon yellow
Shade 3: Peachy Pink with a frosty finish
Shade 4; Matte cool violet
[two layers over primer]
L'Oreal's Audacious Amazon's Gaze Eyeshadow Quad was a funny product for me. I needed this quad so badly...and I only used it three times at most! The formula was disappointing. The color scheme was gorgeous, but the colors transferred for the eye poorly. I only held on to this quad so long because of how long I hunted for it. I'm saying goodbye to the Audacious Amazon's Gaze quad, it's about to make an overdue exit from my collection. 

Did you buy this quad?
What product did you lust after only to dislike it? 

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