Wet n Wild California Roll Color Icon Palette Swatches+First Impression

 Hi friends. I was out in the city, and popped into a Rite Aid for a bottle of Dr. Pepper, when I stumbled across their limited edition summer collection! I picked up a couple of products, including the California Roll palette, which has been tempting me for weeks now! I love this palette so much, the color scheme is so pretty, vibrant, and summery - and can we just talk about the name? Cute, and fitting - I love California Rolls! Anyway, I wanted to throw together a quick swatch post, but I'll be posting a full review in about a week or so. Click through for a fast swatch and first impression of Wet n Wild's California Roll palette.

I haven't had a six pan palette from Wet in Wild for maybe 4 years? Something like that, its been a while for sure. I wasn't sure what to expect from the eyeshadow formula, and it turn out, the California Roll palette is a bit of a mixed bag. The shimmery shades are extremely soft, almost crumbly, and kick up a lot of excess powder, but they're also absolutely packed with pigment. The two matte/satin shades are still soft, but their pigmentation isn't as strong. 
[1 layer each, over primer]
This affordable palette has such a great color scheme. Half bright, half neutral, I can see this palette producing a variety of looks! California Roll contains two shimmering champagne shades, pops of green and turquoise, accompanied by unique salmon and rosy red tones. 

What have you picked up from Wet n Wild's summer collection?


  1. I've been drooling over this collection but can't find them! It sounds like they're just hitting rite aids so I might have a chance lol...it was funny bc the rite aids around me all got the nail polish but no shadows :(

    1. I hope you find the shadows soon! The Rite Aids near me never stock limited edition collections for any brands, I usually have to go down town or way out into a posh suburb to find them!

  2. This is such a good variety of colour, especially for the summer! It reminds me a lot of the MUA palettes x