Ulta Skincare Haul

 I needed some skincare - old and new. I've been considering revamping my skincare routine lately, as my complexion has been changing a bit - its duller and a little more acne prone, so I picked up a few products that I hope will help, as well as a few old classics - and a couple treats. Oh, and before I move on, let me commend Ulta on their fast shipping! I placed my order early Tuesday morning, and received my package today, Thursday morning! Click through for a closer look at what I picked up.

Freeman Golden Grain Brightening Mask - $3.99

Combating dull skin is no easy task, so I'm hoping this gel based hydrating and brightening mask will be a good bonus step in my new routine. I've read some very positive reviews on the Golden Grain Brightening Mask, and Freeman rarely lets me down. 

Nothing new here, just a can of my favorite dry shampoo. I pick at least one up with every Ulta order.
 Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads -$12.99 and Cleanser - $4

My skin seems to love Glycolic Acid, an exfoliant that will brighten the skin and help prevent acne. Just what I needed to add back into my skincare routine. I've heard so many glowing reviews of the Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads from bloggers I love and trust. Nip+Fab was on a BOGO 50% offer, so I also picked up the coordinating cleanser. 

This toner has been part of my skincare routine for almost ten years. It removes excess oil, and anything I may have missed during cleansing, without stripping the skin. 

Another skincare staple is Garnier's Nourishing Cleansing Oil. I love this stuff for breaking down my makeup before I cleanse.
Nivea Kiss of Olive Oil&Lemon Lip Care - $2.99

I'm running low on Baby Lips and decided to try something new. I don't have much experience with Nivea products, but EmilyNoel83 speaks highly of this balm, so its probably pretty good. 

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base is my favorite affordable eye primer. My current tube is running dry, so I picked up a backup. Normally, I'd have waited for a sale, since NYX is usually on offer, but I have a big swatch project comping up and was worried about running out. 

Pixel Nail Lacquer in Oh, Golly, Gee! - .69c

My order came in at just a few cents under $50, so I added this cheap polish to my order to get free shipping. The color looked interesting enough, but Pixel's formula is disappointing, if I remember correctly. I'll probably toss a swatch up on tumblr or Instagram, but don't expect a review. Also how stupid is the name? wow. 
Ulta remembered my samples this time! I received a generously sized packet of DevaCurl's One Condition Conditioner, Mark Hill's MiracOILicious Argan Oil, and Alterna's Bamboo Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you placed an Ulta order recently? What did you get?

Feel free to request a review! 

This post contains affiliated links/referral codes. These products were gifted to me.