Influenster Refresh Vox Box Unboxing+First Impressions

 I just got the Influenster Refresh Vox Box in the mail. This is my first VoxBox in nearly a year, and its a good one! Before I move on to the products that were packed inside, can I just say that I miss the old. brightly colored Influenster boxes? I was sad to see this arrive in a plain brown box with a card attached to it. Anyway, what matters is on the inside. Click through to see what came in the Refresh Vox Box!

Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar - $1

Influenster sent out three different flavors, I was lucky enough to receive Dark Chocolate Pretzel, which was DELICIOUS! It made a nice, quick, satisfying snack. As you can see, this bar is gluten free, with reasonable nutritional value. Sugars a little high, but that's to be expected with anything with a chocolate layer. 
 Covergirl Ultra Smooth Hair Smoothing Foundation+Applicator - $14~ 

Covergirl's newest foundation is meant to be applied with a little silicone disk that'll help smoother over any peach fuzz on your face. I gave this foundation a try right away, and am underwhelmed. The flexible disk does not aid in application - it seems like it'll blend better with fingers. I'm a little annoyed with Influenster. When I took the preliminary survey, they asked us to select our shade. Of course, I opted for the lightest shade possible...and was sent one for a medium skin tone. That's going to make it difficult for me to test, since I can't wear this in public. 
Listerine Freshburst PocketPaks - $1.40 

These portable strips of breath freshener are intense as heck. Wow, these are strong - more so than real Listerine. 
DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks - 30ct - $1.39

Another oral hygiene product - these flossers arent exciting, but they're useful. I actually already use DenTek flossers pretty much every day. so its good to have a backup bag on hand. 
Montange Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask - $1.50

 Can you believe I've never tried a Montange Jeunesse mask before? I've been feeling peeling masks the last few weeks, so the Manuka Honey Mask couldn't have come at a better time. I should be able to get at least two, if not three uses from this 10ml sachet. 
L'Occitane Light Comforting Cream - 8ml - $5

I was a little cross when I pulled this sample out of my Refresh Vox Box - it seemed super small. Turns out, its absolutely loaded with product - overflowing, even. I've tried a few sample packets of a L'Occitane moisturizer in the past and it was amazing, so I have high hopes for the Light Comforting Cream. 
Beanitos White Bean Chips - $3.49

More snacks! These chips are made of pressed navy beans. Interesting. I tried both flavors already and they're..different. I like the texture, but the flavor of these are unique. Its not bad, just not what I expected. Influenster included a coupon for a dollar off two bags.

Also included in the Refresh Vox Box was a coupon for a free Orgain Protein Shake. 

These products were sent to me by Influenster for review. All opinions in this post, and upcoming reviews are my own, and were not influenced by Influenster, Beanitos, Covergirl, L'Occitane, Orgain, Montange Jeunesse. Skinnygirl, Listerine, or any other third parties. 


  1. Nice goodies :) influenster is such a fun program, the last one I got just showed up in the mail! I had no idea what it was lol those snacks look good...but I'm petty hungry, so everything looks good but not I want Doritos hahaha but the bean chips sound interesting...I've never heard of those!

    1. I was hungry when I got this box, so I demolished the chips lol. Interesting was a good way to describe them. They're similar in texture to Doritos, but with much lighter flavor.

  2. Those listerine strips are king