Benefit Brand Overview

Benefit Cosmetics started out as "Face Place", a small San Francisco boutique, founded in 1976 by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. In 1977 they created the brand's signature rose tint, and the brand began to grow. By 1989, Face Place had a mail order catalog. The brand exploded in the early nineties, when they changed their name to Benefit and began selling their products in a New York department store. Benefit went international in the late 90's, opening a counter in Harrods of London and launching a website. Benefit has gone on to become one of the most popular makeup brands worldwide! Benefit is my absolute favorite high end line; I've tried a majority of their products, so I have a pretty solid opinion on their offerings. Click though to take a closer look at Benefit Cosmetics.

Animal Testing: In their own words: "Benefit does not test on animals, nor do we permit others to, except where required by law." Basically, they don't carry out their own animal testing, and use an internal lab to test both raw materials and finished products. However, Benefit products are sold in China, and may have been tested on animals by a Chinese government agency. Benefit's parent company, LVMH, is also not cruelty free.

Availability: Freestanding Benefit Stores,, Ulta, Sephora, Birchbox Shop, Macy's, Feel Unique, Nordstrom, Debenhams, Boots, Shoppers Drug Mart

Pricing: Most Benefit products range in price from $18-40, categorizing it as a mid-range brand. Benefit puts their products on sale a couple times a year, but its rare. Gifts with purchase and free samples, are not so rare, in fact they're quite common! Benefit offers seasonal value kits for extremely reasonable prices. Try-me sizes and travel sized products are also easy to find, and quite pocket friendly. Benefit's webstore offers 4pc custom kits for $79, which is actually quite a discount.

ParternshipsBirchbox, Ipsy, Top Box, Glossy Box, Baublebar

Perks: Benefit offers a free brow shaping and waxing on your birthday at their Brow Bars.

Packaging: Benefit is famous for their packaging and product names. The brand doesn't have on particular packaging style, though each product line tends to have a collective look. Benefit's packaging style is cute, feminine, cheeky, and in some cases - collectible! Benefit's B.Right! Skincare line diverges from the brand's typical cutesy style; featuring a more retro and elegant aesthetic.

The Look: Benefit's catch phrase is "Laughter is the Best Cosmetic", and I feel like this philosophy is well represented by their products and promotional photos. While Benefit doesn't really push one specific look, their promotional photos tend to feature fresh, yet playful and spunky makeup. Flawless, yet natural skin, flushed cheeks, glossy lips, and groomed brows tend to be this brand's main focus. Benefit's color palette is quite tame and muted when it comes to eyeshadows, but they offer a few bright lip colors.

Products Offered: Benefit's catalog is pretty big! They offer pretty much any kind of makeup you'd like, plus a decently sized skincare range, fragrance line, a few tools, and even a couple bath and body products - plus a book. (and a good one at that!).

Its actually really hard to choose what products to highlight in this brand overview, because so many of Benefit's products are cult classics and industry favorites. Hoola Bronzer, The Porefessional. BeneTint, They're Real! Mascara, High Beam. Everyone knows these products. and most people love them, because they do work (for most people, They're Real! and I do not get on). Though Benefit's tried and true products are well loved, they aren't afraid to go out on a limb and make new, innovative products; late last year they released the They're Real! Push Up Liner - the first ever gel liner in a pen.

Benefit is particularly famous for their Box o Powder Blushes, and for good reason! These are some of the best blushers on the market. They're soft and blendable, with strong pigmentation. Plus, you get an absolute load of product in each box. The Box o Powders are so popular that Benefit released a coordinating Ultra Plush Gloss for each shade.

Benefit's Tints are another beloved line. All four of these multipurpose lip and cheek stains are incredibly long lasting and flattering. Benefit recently added matching tinted lip balms to make their Tints even easier to wear!

When it comes to shade selection for face and base products, its hard to pinpoint where Benefit stands. Their Hello Flawless Foundation and Powder have reasonably inclusive shade ranges that span from fair to deep skin tones. On the other hand, their concealers are only available in 3-5 shades each, which is limited in my opinion. I love that they offer their Stay Don't Stray Eye Primer in two shades, one for fair to medium, and another for medium to deep - its a consideration not a lot of brands make. I feel like Benefit has good intentions with their shade selection, and they want to be inclusive, but they miss the mark by catering mostly to medium skin tones.

Favorite Products: Rockateur Box o Powder, That Gal, BeneBalm, BadGal Lash, Laugh With Me Lee Lee Perfume, It's Potent! Eye Cream, LolliTint

Least Favorite Products: Dr. Feelgood, They're Real! Mascara, Refined Finish Facial Polish, Ooh La Lift, They're Real! Remover

Wish List: Majorette Blush Booster, Erase Paste, LolliBalm, ChaChaBalm, LemonAid, Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Powder, Hervana Box o Powder, Gimme Brow, Hello Flawless Foundation, Roller Lash

Summary: Benefit is a bubbly, lovable brand with a wide range of quality products. What I think makes Benefit special is the way they interact with their clients - both in store and online. I've visited multiple Benefit counters, both in department stores and in Ulta, and their Sydney Boutique, and I have never met a BeneBabe that wasn't truly happy and enthusiastic about the brand, their products, and customer service! It's such a fun environment to be around. While I don't think everyone will be able to find a foundation match, I do think Benefit offers products that will appeal to everyone.

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  1. I've only tried a few benefit products but I confuse them with too faced a lot! Lol This brand makes me wish I wore blushes (I have rosecia, no matter what I wear it always shines through) but those little boxes are precious :) I do have one of there world famous nude palettes (the packaging is beautiful, it has a vintage looking fortune teller gypsy lady on it) the shadows themselves are on the dry side mostly, but the pigmentation is good though and they last all day! I've tried the porefesional too, and I like it but I recently bought the green tone correcting primer from elf and i like it a lot! Since it's about 1/4 of the price I'll probably rebuy the elf...but when I pop in sephora I love to look at the benefit stand to admire the packaging and puns of there products :)

    1. Its really hard to avoid Benefit's displays! They're just so attractive. I've been thinking about picking up that ELF primer, by the way.