Bdellium Tools 956 Bambu Slanted Precision Kabuki Review

 Bdellium Tools says "whether it is liquid, cream, or powder, this versatile brush will help you apply foundation for a radiant, natural look with excellent coverage. The skillfully tapered edge of this synthetic brush allows the soft strands to target all facial contours." The 956 Slanted Precision Kabuki sells for $18, I picked mine up at Sydney IMATS for a little less. Bdellium Tools is cruelty free, and their Bambu brush line is also vegan friendly. This brush was made in China.

 Bdellium Tools' Bambu 956 Slanted Precision Brush has a thick, lacquered bamboo handle (available in two colors) and an sturdy aluminium ferrule. The Bdellium logo and brush number are printed on the handle. This brush's soft, synthetic bristles are extremely dense and have a very limited range of motion. The Slanted Precision Kabuki is cut at a very exact, sloping angle. There isn't a single bristle out of place, this brush was cut with astounding exactness! The 956 can be a little difficult to care for. The synthetic bristles are just so tightly packed, it can be difficult to rinse all the product and soap out of it. Luckily, this brush's pastel green bristles do not stain or bleed. As expected, this dense brush takes it's sweet time to dry.
 Bdellium's 956 is great! Just like it's sister, the 957 Precision Kabuki, the 956 Slanted Precision Kabuki is a great multitasker! This brush applies cream, liquid, powders, and even mousse makeup perfectly, buffing and blending product on with ease. The Slanted Precision Kabuki is more compact than it's counterpart, and it offers a variety of surfaces to work with.  The flat, slanted edge is perfect for blending on powders and foundations, while the tip of the slant is great for wedging contour products under the cheek bones and along the jaw. While I feel like Bdellium's 956 can be used with any type of product for any kind of application, I feel like its true calling is for applying full coverage foundations with thick formulas, like Rimmel's Stay Matte Mousse.
Another great brush from Bdellium Tools! The 956 Slanted Precision Kabuki can apply a full face of makeup if you want it to. This is the kind of brush Becca's The One Perfecting Brush wanted to be. I love this brush for applying heavier cream and mousse foundations, or buffing powder foundations for extra coverage. If I had to choose between this and the 957 Precision Kabuki, I'd go for the 957, but both brushes are truly fantastic and worth picking up.