Pixi Brightening Bare Fairy Dust Pigment Review+Swatches

 Pixi's brand new Fairy Dusts are "illuminating powder pigments" that "give concentrated glow&enhancing colour instantly." These pigments are available in six shades, today I'm reviewing Brightening Bare. Each Fairy Dust pigment contains .6 grams (.02 oz) and sells for $10 each. Pixi also offers a stack of five Fairy Dusts, including this shade, for $12. I received this loose shadow in a recent Ipsy Bag. Pixi is cruelty free. This product was made in China.

 I truly hate this product's packaging! What was Pixi thinking when they designed this abomination? Pixi's Fairy Dust pigments comes housed in a clear, cylindrical tube topped with an elongated, spring green cap. Twist off the cap and you'll find a strange sponge nub that's meant to be used for application - but WOW is that messy and inconvenient. This built in sponge tip is itty bitty, and it causes a load of fallout. Even worse, the neck of the pigment bottle is too narrow to fit a brush into, so accessing product can be difficult and sloppy. I think the packaging is pretty ugly too - which is unusual for Pixi.
 Ok so I hate the packaging, but I love whats inside of it! Pixi's Brightening Bare Fairy Dust is a soft, finely milled pigmented. When applied with a brush, instead of the included applicator, this loose eyeshadow is shadow is a joy to work with! Brightening Bare applies and blends nicely with next to no fallout. This shade's color payoff is intentionally light, but it can be intensified with a second layer. Brightening Bare wears well on me - over a primer, it lasts at least eight hours with no fading and only the slightest hint of creasing.
 Brightening Bare is described as a "medium nude sheen." This is a soft, tan shade with a satin finish. Its difficult to pin point Brightening Bare's undertone; it looks quite cool and a little taupey in some lights, but a hair peach in others. Either was, this is a great shade for an all over wash of nude color.
Pixi's Brightening Bare Fairy Dust is nice - aside from the packaging! This pigment has an easy to work with formula that performs better than most loose shadows in my experience. Brightening Bare is such a subtle, easy shade ti wear; it looks lovely on it's own, but it also pairs well with almost anything. Good as it is, Pixi's Fairy Dusts are overpriced, considering the very small amount of product that you get. The Fairy Dust Favorites Stack is a much better deal, its a more reasonably priced choice with better packaging. Pick that up instead of buying Brightening Bare individually. 

mica, talc, zinc stearate, hydrophobic silicon dioxide. [+/- mica, red iron oxide, black iron oxide, titanium dioxide, yellow iron oxide]

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