Pixi Brand Overview

Pixi Beauty is a UK based beauty brand founded by Swedish makeup artist Petra Strand. Pixi opened their London boutique's doors over ten years ago, and the brand has grown significantly over the years. Pixi seems to be one of those love it or hate it brands. I know there are a ton of dedicated Pixi fans out there, I'm fast becoming one. However, there also seems to be quite a few passionate haters as well, which inspired me to take a closer look at the brand. I feel like I've tried a good chunk of Pixi's products, at least a dozen, so I have a pretty firm grasp on what they have to offer. Lets take a look at Pixi together.

Animal Testing: Cruelty Free

Availability: London boutique, Target, Feel Unique, Birchbox Shop, Asos, Debenhams, PixiBeauty.com (worldwide shipping)

Pricing: Pixi is pretty pricey for a drugstore brand, in fact its pretty close to mid-range pricing. Their products range from $8-32. I have to give Pixi credit for listening to consumers and dropping their prices last year. Though Pixi rarely runs sales or special offers, they do offer fairly priced value kits seasonally and year round.

Partnerships: Pixi frequently partners with both Ipsy and Birchbox, and are frequently included in Target's Beauty Boxes as well.

Packaging: Pixi's Products have great packaging. The whimsical, spring green, fairy and floral themed packaging is instantly recognizable. Most packaging is well designed and functional.

The Look: Pixi's taglines are "Makeup to Wake Up" and "Simplify and Beautify". This brand is all about radiant, youthful, natural looking skin. Petra Strand believes strongly in quick, easy, multitasking, and portable products. The brand also claims that they produce "treatment makeup", products that contain botanical complexes that'll nourish the skin while you wear it. Pixi Beauty is not a brand for the bold, their color schemes tend to be quite soft and muted, usually neutral or pastel.

Products Offered: Pixi offers wide variety of makeup, with a peppering of skincare, tools, and accessories. While the cosmetic line is pretty much all encompassing (face, lips, eyes, and cheeks are all covered), their shade selection is not. Pixi caters to very fair to light skin tones and offer NO options for medium to deep complexions. That's truly unfortunate, considering Petra Strand refers to her brand as "inclusive" and "for everyone".

One of Pixi's most popular products is their nail lacquers, which are available in a wide array of colors. Pixi is always adding new colors; permanent and limited edition. This is really the only place to find bold, trendy colors in Pixi's line.

I've really enjoyed most of the Pixi items I've tried - several have worked their way into my daily routine. As a whole, their powder products are excellent, and their eyeliners are unbeatable. I feel like Pixi's lip products tend to be lacking.

Best of Pixi:  Endless Silky Eye Pencils, Correction Concentrate, Flawless&Poreless Primer, Subtly Sunkissed Beauty Bronzer. Flawless Beauty Powder [discontinued]

Worst of Pixi:  Lash Booster Mascara,  Poppy Red Succulent Lip Twin, Flawless Beauty Primer

My Pixi Wishlist: Glow Tonic Toner, Flawless Beauty Fluid, Natural Sheer Cheek Gel, Soft Sienna Tinted Brilliance Balm.

Summary: Pixi isn't for everyone. The brand is definitely aimed exclusively at pale people like myself. Though I benefit from it (I know I can always find a match!), I don't condone offering three shades of fair. For the most part, Pixi offer good products, just at an inflated price.

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