Makeup by One Direction Live While We're Young Nail Varnish Review+Swatches

 Makeup by One Direction's Live While We're Young Nail Varnish is a "multidimensional gold glitter nail varnish." This polish is currently not available for individual purchase, You can get it as part of Makeup by One Direction's Take Me Home Beauty Collection, which sells for $28.50 at Macy's. Makeup by One Direction is cruelty free. This nail polish was made in China.

Makeup by One Direction's Nail Varnishes come in rectangular gloss bottles with a chunky black plastic cap. The 1D logo is printed on the front of the bottle. The wide, squared off cap is a little hard for me to grasp with my weak, tiny baby hands. I like the brush, its long and narrow with stiff, clear plastic bristles. This brush spread's the glitter particles very evenly. I wish more brands took the stiff plastic brush route for their glitter polishes.
 Live While We're Young has a decent formula. This glitter top coat applies evenly and smoothly with great glitter payoff. This lacquer dries quite quickly to glossy finish. Unfortunately, Love While We're Young is one of those glitter toppers. You know the type, the kind that dry to be stiff and brittle, so it chips very easily. Actually, more often than not, this polish peels straight off, taking any polish underneath with it.
 Live While We're Young is pretty! This clear polish is filled with medium sized, gold hexagonal glitter, and finer, multi colored flecks. This is the kind of glitter polish that goes with anything, but it looks particularly good over black and navy blue.
[2 Coats each]
Makeup by One Direction's Live While We're Young was promising. This glitter top coat applies well and has good glitter payoff. This multi colored glitter top coat is a great, basic glitter polish that'll layer well with pretty much any color. Unfortunately, it wears poorly, you definitely need a top coat for this top coat to last. I'd be open to trying more Makeup by One Direction Nail Varnishes though, I think they have the potential to be good. 

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