Eylure SuperFix Lash Adhesive Review

 Eylure's SuperFix Lash Adhesive is a "safe and effective adhesive for Eylure Individual Lashes and Lash Extend. Safe and easy to use." This lash glue is available in both Clear and Black, I have the colorless version. This lash adhesive contains 6ml and sells for £2.50, or $5.69 on Asos, where I picked this product up. Eylure is cruelty free. This glue was made in Korea.

I hate SuperFix' packaging. This eyelash adhesive comes in a clear bottle with a black cap. The product name and Eylure logo are printed on the bottle in black lettering. Ok now here's where the hate comes in. The SuperFix Lash Adhesive has a flat, angled applicator that's easy to use, but the want holds a lot of glue, causing some messy dripping. Also - be sure to wipe the lip of the bottle before closing it, lest you glue the bottle shut! A squeeze tube probably would've suited this product better. Packaging is recyclable.
Eylure's SuperFix Lash Adhesiveis meant for use with individual lashes, or to apply Eylure's temporary lash extensions. SuperFix can also be used for lightweight full strip lashes like Kiss' Looks so Natural Lashes. Heavier falsies, or lashes with thick bangs will be too heavy for EyLure's SuperFix. This adhesive can also be used to stick rhinestones onto the face if you're feeling extra creative. This lash glue is very thin and fluid, so it takes a while to go tacky and dry - longer than most lash glues I've tried (not that I have extensive knowledge of cosmetic adhesives). This glue works pretty well for me! As promised, SuperFix dries completely clear. I've never lost a lash while using this glue, but it doesn't make the lashes hard to remove either. SuperFix is not waterproof, and it will break down when you wash your face or cry. That being said, I find Eylure's eyelash glue pretty difficult to remove from my false lashes - I use Avon's Skin-so-Soft to get every last bit off. 
[SuperFix saved this necklace!]
I also want to touch on how dang practical Eylure's SuperFix is, out side of the makeup world! In a pinch, this stuff will stop a run in your tights, just like clear nail polish. I've also used SuperFix to reaffix a loose rhinestone in my absolute favorite necklace. It's a real hero.

Eylure's SuperFix Lash Adhesive serves it's purpose well. I like the concept of the applicator, but it isn't very practical. This glue will keep your individual lashes in place, but it probably won't be strong enough for your lash strips. If you rarely wear full on falsies, but frequently supplement your lashes with one or two individual bunches, this glue might be for you. I'm happy with SuperFix, and the value of it is incredible - this 6ml will last me forever. This glue isn't for everyone, its really about your needs - and SuperFix meets mine!

Alcohol Denat, Isopropyl Alcohol, Nitrocellulose, Isopropyl Acetate, Trimethyl Pentanyl, Diisobutyrate, Ethyl Acetate

this product was gifted to me.