Crown Brush Infinity C476 Crease/Shadow Brush Review

 Crown Brush says "this dual ended brush offers the best of both worlds. The shadow brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow or contouring the eye, while the crease brush is designed to be used dry for defining the eye, or wet for precision concealing." This double ended brush is made with Crown's Infinity Synthetic Fibers. Crown Brush's C476 sells for $17.50. I received this brush in an Ipsy bag.

 Crown Brush's Crease/Shadow offers two synthetic brush heads, connected by a grey plastic handle with metal ferrules. The brush name and number, and Crown Brush logo are printed on the handle. Both ends of the C476 wash very well, the brown and cream bristles do not stain and dry quickly.
 The Shadow side of the Infinity C476 is a soft, dense paddle brush with a slightly rounded tip. This is a great multiuse brush, it can be used to pat shadow on all over the eyelid with the flat side, or to blend with the fluffy rounded tip. This side of the brush has a few loose bristles, so I've experienced some very minor shedding while working with this brush. This brush is very similar to Urban Decay's Blending Brush, though its a bit bigger.

The Crease side of the brush is unique - I'd say its more of a pencil brush than one for the crease. This dense, stiff brush comes to a precise, pointed tip. Crown's Crease brush can be used to create a cut crease, but personally, I prefer to use it for the outer V or for smudging color onto the lower lash line. Unlike the Shadow side, the Crease end of Crown's C476 has no shedding or splaying.
I really like Crown Brush's Infinity C476 Crease/Shadow brush! The synthetic bristles are very soft and easy to care for, though there's a few loose ones. This double ended brush is all you need to create any look - it applies, blends, and smudges powder eyeshadows very well. Crown's C476 is the best I've tried from the brand so far, and is totally worth picking up! 

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  1. What a great addition to the Ipsy bag. I have wondered about Crown brushes before. I first heard about them on YouTube when I saw some girls using them in tutorials and I will have to check them out sometime!


    1. I'm gonna be honest, this is the only Crown Brush I've liked so far. I bought a few at IMATS this year and am quite underwhelmed.

  2. This isn't a crown that mary enjoys