Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 957 Precision Kabuki Brush Review

 Bdellium Tools' 957 Bambu Precision Kabuki's "Extra soft and dense flat bristled head has versatility resulting in a professional blushing effect. It is Ideal for application with liquid, cream & various powder products. The brush also features a tapered handle for easier storage in makeup brush belts." This brush sells for $18, or as part of Bdellium's 4pc Foundation Set for $43. I picked this brush up at Sydney IMATs at a small discount. Bdellium Tools is cruelty free, the Bambu line of brushes is vegan friendly. All of Bdellium Tools brushes are handmade in China.

 Bdellium's 957 Pink Bambu Precision Kabuki is beautiful! I love Bdellium Tools' style in general, but I find the 957 very aesthetically pleasing, on top of being well made! The Precision Kabuki has a round, perfectly flat brush head with white, synthetic bristles with pink tips. This multi-use face brush is almost unbelievably plush - wow is this thing dense! This brush has a long, tapered, pink lacquered bamboo handle (also available in green and yellow), which a bulky, but lightweight aluminum ferrule. This brush i very easy to care for - both cream and powder products wash out with minimal effort. This brush has maintained it's shape and color perfectly. There are no splayed bristles or shedding, and the pink dye doesn't run, fade, or stain.
 Bdellium Tools' 957 Precision Kabuki is a great, multipurpose brush. Foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, general blending; it can do pretty much anything, This wide, flat topped brush covers a lot of surface area at once, so application is quick, but not super precise. This dense brush distributes product evenly and blends products flawlessly, regardless of texture. This brush is great for applying thicker liquid or cream foundations (I love applying L'Oreal's Visible Lift Blur Foundation with the 957), it blends them in perfectly. I  don't recommend this brush for very thin liquid foundations, as it has a tendency to absorb too much product. Bdellium's 957 is even better for applying face powders, both pressed and loose! It buffs them into the skin so flawlessly! My favorite use for the 957 Precision Kabuki is as a finishing brush; I give my whole face a final quick blend with this brush before I spritz on my setting spray.
Bdellium Tools' 957 Bambu Precision Kabuki is as flawless as the finish it'll give your makeup! Not only is the brush super cute, its also extremely high quality. This brush is so soft and luxurious feeling, its a treat to use. The 957 brush is great for buffing on pretty much any product - I reach for it often. I'm so glad I picked this brush up - its a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend Bdellium Tool's 957 Precision Kabuki, its worth every penny!