Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 783 Small Tapered Blending Brush Review

 Bdellium Tools says "no matter what your eye shape, look no further for a beautiful brush that makes your eyes pop. This brush applies shadow from the outer corner of the eye to the inner color." Like all Bdellium Tools Bambu brushes, the 783 Small Tapered Blending Brush is made with cruelty free, vegan friendly, synthetic bristles. This brush retails for $9. Bdellium Tools brushes are hand made in China.

 Bdellium Tools' 783 brush has a lacquered bambu handle (available in four colors), with a recycled aluminium ferrule. The Bdellium logo and brush number are printed on the handle. This brush has soft, synthetic bristles that are densely packed at the base of the brush head, but they get looser and wispier towards the gently pointed tip. This blending brush is quite narrow, it fits right into my small crease. Bdellium Tools 783 Small Tapered Blending Brush has kept it's shape pretty well, though there are a few stray, splayed bristles on the side. This brush washes well, the soft pastel pink bristles do not stain, nor does the dye run out of them - plus this brush dries pretty fast.
 Bdellium Tools' 783 Bambu Small Tapered Blending Brush isn't my favorite tool for blending shadows together. I much prefer the 783 for applying product to the outer V and into the crease. While I will use Bdellium's 783 to do a bit of blending here or there, but I prefer to come back in with a slightly larger and fluffier brush afterwards. Bdellium Tools' 783 Small Tapered Blending Brush is similar in shape, but larger than, their 781 Crease Brush.
I like Bdellium Tools' 783 Bambu Small Tapered Blending Brush, as always this brush is great quality and well made (plus its cute as heck, all of the Pink Bambu brushes are!). I prefer using this brush for placement and detailed work, as opposed to all over blending. This brush is quite reasonably priced, so I do recommend it for those with a small crease, or someone who does a lot of fine blending, particularly in the outer corner.