Bdellium Tools 760 Green Bambu Line/Brow Brush

 Bdellium Tools says their 760 Bambu Liner/Brow Brush is "ideal for precise work on the eye & brow. Blur lines lines drawn by eyebrow or eyeline pencils to create a flawless blend." This angled brush cost $8; its also included in Bdellium's Smokey Eye 5pc Brush Set, which costs $27. Bdellium Tool is cruelty free, and their Bambu brush range is vegan. All Bdellium Tools brushes are handmade in China.

 Bdellium Tools' 760 is a unique little brush. This Liner/Brow brush is extremely small, about a third of the size of your typical angled eyeliner brush, and cut at a sharper angle. The light green bristles (you can also get it in yellow or pink) are quite stiff, yet soft. The lacquered bamboo handle is extremely narrow, as is the aluminum ferrule. The 760 brush can be difficult to wash if used with cream or gel eyeliner, but it otherwise is a cinch to care for, This miniature angled brush suffers from a few splayed bristles and minor separation that do affect the functionality of the brush.
 I'm sure by now all my readers know that I'm addicted to angled eyeliner brushes. I have so many and I like most of them. Honestly, I don't love this brush, though it can get the job done. Bdellium Tools 760 is too small to fill in my brows by my method, but if you need to create tiny, hair like brush strokes, Bdellium Tools 760 is ideal! When it comes to eyeliner, I fine the Liner/Brow brush much more functional for me. This extra narrow brush is excellent for pushing powder eyeshadows into the lashes for a fine, defined line. The 760 is less precise when used with gel, cream, or liquid liners due to the slight splaying, though it can still create crisp, thicker lines.
Bdellium Tools' 760 Bambu Liner/Brow Brush isn't my favorite. The sharply angled, slim brush can create very precise brows and eyeliner, but only with powder products. I don't feel like the 760 works well with non powder textures. While Bdellium Tools 760 is well made, I don't think its quite as high quality as most of the brand's brushes.