Royal&Langnickel Brush Essentials Angled Brow Brush Review

 Royal&Langnickel's Brush Essentials Angled Brow Brush is "everyone's favorite brow brush." The brand goes on to mention that this brush is "also perfect to create a dramatic line at the base of the lash." This brush is made of synthetic bristles and is 100% vegan. The Brush Essentials Angled Brow Brush costs just $3.99 and was made in China.

 Royal&Langnickel's Brush Essentials Angled Brow Brush is quite simple, yet functional and well made. This angled brush has a long, narrow, tapered silver handle with a black metal ferrule. The Royal&Langnickel logo and brush name and number are printed on handle in black lettering. The synthetic brush head is fairly standard in size and cut at a soft angle. There is a moderate amount of splaying present at the tip of the brush, but they seem to come back together when product comes in contact with the bristles. The splaying rarely seems to affect application. This brush washes well, product slides right out of the synthetic hairs. After a handful of washings, this brush has maintained shape relatively well and hasn't shed a single bristle.

I have this weird soft spot for angled brushes - they're just so multifunctional! Royal&Langnickel suggests this brush for brows, and rightfully so, it does them well! The Brush Essentials Angled Brow Brush is large enough to cover a good amount of brow, yet narrow enough to create natural, hair like strokes. I only do my brows with powder products, so I can't say how well this brush would work with a cream product like Anastasia Dip Brow. However, I can confirm that Royal&Langnickel's Angled Brow Brush works well with both powder and gel eyeliners, creating precise lines, or smudging with ease. I have't tried this particular angled brush for applying lip color, but based on it's eyeliner performance, I think it would do well!
Royal&Langnickel's Brush Essentials Angled Brow Brush is good. This brush is great for brows, creating a natural looking brow without much effort. Eyeliner is also a breeze with this angled brush! The best part about this synthetic brush? Its super affordable! Four bucks is a steal! If you're shopping Royal&Langnickel's range, you should add this brush to your bag.