Revlon Extra Curl Lash Curler Review

 Revlon says "create the ultimate curl quickly and easily. Small size and shape are designed to evenly curl each and every lash. Gently rounded pad won't crimp, pinch, or stick to lashes." I grabbed the Extra Curl Lash Curler at Target for $6, which seems to be on the cheaper end of this product's pricing spectrum - I've seen this lash curler go for close to ten bucks!

 Revlon's Extra Curl Lash Curler is attractive, made of black metal with removable rubber grips. Revlon includes one extra replacement pad. This eyelash curler is pretty average in size and design; the pad has a gentle curve that fits my eye shape well, but it's a little too wide for me. Revlon's Extra Curl Lash Curler is easy and comfortable to use, thanks to the padded grips. This lash curler moves pretty smoothly, but there's always a gap that prevents me from getting a firm clamp on my lashes. Even still, Revlon's Extra Curl Lash Curler provides a decent curl that lasts fairly well. I haven't experienced any pinching or crimping when I use Revlon's eyelash curler.
Revlon's Extra Curl Lash Curler isn't my favorite, but it isn't awful either. I love the way it looks, and the cushioned grips kinda spoiled me, but when it comes to functionality, I still prefer my ELF Studio Eyelash Curler. It fits my eye better and performs just as well - plus it's just a buck! I think I'll clean up my Revlon Extra Curl Lash Curler and pass it on to someone else. By no means is this a bad product, I just prefer another one over it. 

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