NYX Wicked Lipstick Swatches+First Impressions

NYX' new Wicked Lipsticks are " jewel-toned lippies available in 12 shimmering shades. Velvety smooth with a dazzling metallic finish, these richly pigmented lipsticks will leave your lips with the ultimate spellbinding look." I fell in love with this line as soon as I saw promos of them on Instagram and Tumblr, and I scooped up four shades right away - if I would've gotten all twelve of them if could've! These lipsticks cost $6 each. Click through to see swatches, and my initial thoughts on each shade. 

 I'm annoyed that the Wicked Lipsticks have the same crappy packaging as the Macaron Lippies. The black plastic tubes have a very weak twisting mechanism, so the lipsticks fall back down as soon as they're scrolled up. Any pressure applied to them causes them to slip back in the tubes, which can making swatching and application problematic.
 There's a huge variance in texture and pigmentation from shade to shade, so it's difficult to provide an overview. Of the four Wicked shades I have, each performs much differently from the next. Some are waxy and patchy, others are rich and creamy. NYX Wicked Lipsticks have a slightly waxy scent and no flavor.
 Envy is a beautiful bright blue with a strong purple influence and a frosty finish. This lipstick has a waxy feel, and drags a bit during application. Payoff is patchy, and multiple layers may be required to cover your natural lip color. I have two passes in my lip swatch above, and a bit of pinkness is still peeking through in some spots.
 Risque is an amazing, metallic emerald green with fine green and silver shimmer. Color payoff is great, it lays down fully opaque color in one swipe, and it applies easily and evenly. Risque's texture is neither waxy nor creamy, its a hybrid of the two.
 Scandalous is a creamy, medium, blue leaning teal. This lipstick is quite slick, and a little tricky to apply if I'm honest. Color payoff is good, but not great, as you can see a little bit of my lip color is showing after one coat. I really love the color, its one of my favorite shades of blue, but the slippy feel is making me anticipate poor wear.
I saved the best for last with Sinful. Have you ever seen such a rich, creamy, entrancing deep yet bright blue? No, you haven't. Color payoff is insane, that's one layer shown in the swatch above. The formula is moisturizing, but not slick. This deep blue lipstick stains immediately, and is difficult to remove. Worth it though. 

Have you tried any NYX Wicked Lipsticks? 

These products were gifted to me.