Makeup by One Direction Little Black Dress Volumizing Mascara Review

Makeup by One Direction's Little Black Dress Mascara is a "volumizing mascara in perfect black." This mascara isn't currently available for individual purchase, but it is part of almost all Makeup by One Direction kits and sets. I'll update if and when this mascara because available on it's own. Each tube of Little Black Dress Mascara contains 6.5ml (.22 fl oz). Makeup by One Direction does not test on animals.

 This mascara has the plainest packaging ever. A black plastic tube topped with a metal cap that has a subtle brick print. The brush is equally basic. Traditional bristles spiral around the wand. The brush is about and inch long and slightly tapered towards the tip. Makeup by One Direction's mascara brush is pretty easy to work with, but certainly nothing special.

Speaking of nothing special, do you want a mascara that does next to nothing? If so, you'll love Makeup by One Direction's Little Black Dress Volumizing Mascara! This mascara has a slightly wet formula that feels light on the lashes and dries down to be soft to the touch. Little Black Dress, which is marketed as a volumizing mascara, doesn't add any body to lift to my naturally full lashes. Unfortunately, it also fails to provide much length. Like so many soft mascaras, Little Black Dress can't hold a curl very well. If you're wondering what this mascara does, I'll sum it up with "not much"; it simply adds a soft black tint to the lashes. This mascara's lackluster results are nicely complimented by poor longevity. Little Black Dress begins flaking off on me after three or four hours, and is nearly gone after six. Any remaining mascara removes easily with just water.
Like most mascaras produced by Markwins' sub brands, Makeup by One Direction's Little Black Dress Volumizing Mascara is just sad. It does nothing but add color to the lashes, flake off, and cause general disappointment. I can only hope that this mascara gets reformulated or replaced with a superior product. I won't tell you to avoid buying Makeup by One Direction Kits just because this mascara is in them - there are some surprisingly decent products in the range, but I do think you should keep clear of this mascara if it ever becomes available on it's own - God forbid. 

This product was sent to me by BrandBacker and Markwins for review purposes. My opinions weren't influenced by any third party. This post contains an affiliated link.