Compare&Contrast - Benefit BeneTint vs Elizabeth Mott Tints&Sass

 Benefit's BeneTint is an iconic product with many imitators, and today I'd like to compare it to one of it's newest competitors - Elizabeth Mott's Tints&Sass.

A quick rundown of the facts:

Tints&Sass: - 10ml (.35 fl oz)/$22.99
BeneTint: - 12ml (.40 f oz)/$30

Tints&Sass:, Harmon, Hendri Bendel, Birchbox Shop, Select Salons
BeneTint:, Benefit Boutiques and Counters, Sephora, Ulta

Tints&Sass: Thin Gel
BeneTint: Watery Liquid

: Doefoot
BeneTint: Stiff Brush

Color Payoff: 
Tints&Sass: Medium
BeneTint: Sheer

Wear on Lips (Average):
Tints&Sass: 2 1/2 Hours
BeneTint: 6 Hours 

Wear on Cheeks (Average):
Tints&Sass: 7 hours
BeneTint: 10 hours

Tints&Sass: Cherry, Pleasant
BeneTint: Rose, Unpleasant. 
BeneTint and Tints&Sass are pretty similar, but still very different. When it comes to color, they're nearly dupes, both products are a gorgeous, translucent rosy red with no shimmer. Elizabeth Mott's Tints&Sass is significantly more pigmented than BeneTint, especially on the lips. Tints&Sass (how cheeky is that name!?) is also considerably more viscous than BeneTint, making it easier to apply and blend. Both on the cheeks and lips, BeneTint wears much longer than Tints&Sass. I'm not going to say one of these multi-use tints is better than the other, because they both have their pros and cons, but garner the same results. Both products are in the same price range, and I don't really have a personal preference to recommend off of.  Please comment if you have any other questions about either product. 

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  1. Interesting kinda sucks because I like the pigmentation more from tints and sass but I like everything else about the benefit...I'm kinda thinking about picking up the three scoops of sexy set from benefit with my sephora coupon...what do you think?
    Ps...have you seen the olay deal at rite aid? (I know you love some of their stuff) It's buy 2 get a $5 up reward and there's $1/1 coupons on makes for hella cheap skincare, so I'll finally try them...and off topic depending on prices you can possibly get "paid" in up rewards to buy ganier face wipes Bc they have $3/1 coupons on and bogo 50% off then you get a $5 up reward when you buy 2. I know it's off topic but I thought you should know, everyone loves a deal! Lol

  2. Oh and olay is on sale 40% on top too!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the deal! I'll have to pop up to Rite Aid later!

    Definitely pick up Three Scoops of Sexy, it is such a good deal and the BeneBalms are so great!