Absolute! You're the Balm Lip Balm Review+Swatches

Absolute New York says "treat your lips with the ultra moisturizing You're the Balm lip duo. Lightly tinted and sweetly flavored this luscious formula softens, smoothens, and protects lip for a seriously kissable pout!" Absolute sells their You're the Balm lip balms in duos. Each balm contains 12 grams (.42 oz), and the sets sell for just $5 each. I only have one flavor, Green Apple to review for you today. I received the lip balm in an Ipsy Bag. Absolute does not test on animals. This product was made in China.

I'm not wile about this lip balm's packaging. For one, potted lip balms are unsanitary and inconvenient to apply on the go. On top of that, I think this little tin looks prett cheap. A white tin houses this balm, and is covered with a domed green cap. The product and flavor name are printed on the cap, which is really quite difficult to get on and off. A full ingredient list can be found on the back of the tin. This product's packaging is recyclable.
If you recall from my August Ipsy unbagging, I wasn't about receiving Absolute's You're the Balm lip balm, it felt like a cheap, throw-away inclusion to me...but it turns out I actually really like it! This balm reminds me of a mix of The Body Shop's Lip Butter and Born Lippy Lip Balm. Absolute's You're the Balm is thin, smooth, and just a little creamy - it applies nicely with a finger or lip brush, and sinks in slowly over the course of about 30 minutes. This balm doesn't seem like it'll help sooth and heal dry, chapped lips, but its definitely moisturizing enough to prevent them. The Green Apple shade adds a slick, glossy finish and the slightest pink tint to the lips. The color and shine have next to no lasting power, maybe 20 minutes. The Green Apple lip balm has a sweet, pleasant, but artificial flavor.
I was really surprised by how much I like Absolute's Green Apple You're the Balm Lip Balm! I still hate the packaging, it looks juvenile and is a pain to open and close. This lip balm is moisturizing and comfortable, but I wouldn't rely on it to deal with any chapping. The Green Apple flavor is tasty, and the color it provides is pretty, but short lived. I think Absolute's You're the Balm Lip Balm would be a fun stocking or Easter basket filler, but I wouldn't go out of my way to pick these up. 

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eh..some of those aren't so impressive. 

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