Tropical Rainbow Eye w/ Sugarpill Pro Palette Tutorial

I picked up the Sugarpill Pro Palette at IMATS waaayyy back in September, and have barely touched it because I intended to photograph and swatch it properly before I played with it. Well, when you're up all night and bored like I've been for the last few days, it gets harder to resist temptation. I played around and came up with this look, and I kinda like it, so I decided to share how I came up with it, step by step. 

 Step 1: I started off by priming my eyelids and patting on a sticky white base.

 Step 2: Using a flat stiff brush, I patted Acidberry onto the inner third of my eyelid.

 Step 3: Using the same method, I applied Buttercupcake to the rest of my eyelid, blending where it met with Acidberry.

 Step 4: Next I packed some Flamepoint into the outermost part of my eyelid, carefully blending it over the outer third of the lid with a fluffy brush.

 Step 5: I mixed Flamepoint and Love+, and blended it into the crease. I extended the color straight across the bottom of my brow bone, just for the sake of creating an interesting shape.

 Step 6: I filled the void between my crease point and inner corner with a very light dusting of Tako.

 Step 7: To deepen the outer corner, I added another dab of Love+, blending where needed.

 Step 8: I lightly traded the edge of my orange crease shade with just a touch of Dollipop, blending the edge slightly.

 Step 9: I blended the edge of the crease shade and highlighted under my brow with an almond shade from a separate palette.

 Step 10: To add a bit of color to the lower lash line, I smudged just a little bit of Midori all the way across.

 Step 11: Next I pressed a deep, matte brown eyeshadow into my upper lash line. I did not flick it out at the end at all, I wanted to keep the liner as subtle as possible.

 Step 12: Line the waterline with a black gel or pencil eyeliner. I feel like this step always adds a lot of dimension to bold, bright looks like this one.

 Step 13: I finished off the look with a generous coating of black mascara on both top and bottom lashes.
As you can see, I also made my brows significantly darker because I thought it'd suit the look better. I used the same matte brown that I used as eyeliner. I've been thinking about going darker with my hair, and I really liked how the darker brows looked! Anyway, after I completed the eye look, I just slapped on a bit of BB Cream and called it a night. I haven't played with eyeshadow like this for a long while and really had a good time. I hope you like the look I came up with! 

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  1. I love your tutorials! I don't have the sugar pill palette but I do have the Back to the 80's palette from BH cosmetics so I think I can find what I need to follow this pretty look.
    I found you when I did a google search for the Sparkle til Morning Wet n Wild palette and tutorials and loved your eye looks and the fact that you did 3 per palette giving me a wider range of ideas. Anyway, I just found you like 15 minutes ago and immediately subbed to you on bloglovin' from that post you did in 2012 and kept my fingers crossed hoping you were still actively posting and doing eye looks and I am so excited to find this brand new post! I can't wait to go back and check out the rest of your blog and other gorgeous eye looks. Thanks so much for doing this!!!

    1. Thanks for the follow, I'm glad you like my posts! <3 The Back to the 80s palette should definitely have some similar shades!