Benefit BeneTint Lip&Cheek Tint Review+Swatches

 Benefit's BeneTint Lip&Cheek Tint is one of the brand's iconic products. I've been dying to try it for years, always swatching it when I stop into Sephora or Ulta, but never willing to drop $30 on it. I recently picked up Benefit's new Rockitude Lip&Cheek Kit, which included a tiny bottle of BeneTint. Benefit calls BeneTint a "kiss proof, see through rose tinted stain for lips and cheeks that lasts for hours. Naturally sheer and sexy on all complexions, its innocent yet provocative. Originally created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s, BeneTint has soared to cult fave status. Its loved by celebs, makeup artists, and gals around the world. Its the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle!". This lip and cheek tint contains 12.5ml (.40 fl oz) and sells for $30USD. Benefit does not test on animals. BeneTint was made in the USA.

BeneTint's packaging is a little bit retro and a lottle bit cute - its instantly recognizable for any beauty fanatic. This tint comes in a clear plastic bottle with a white cap. the product name and Benefit logo are printed on the front of the bottle.  Screwing off the white cap, you'll find a stiff, plastic-y brush. This brush is useful for applying BeneTint to the lips, and for dotting it on to the cheeks, but cannot and should not be used to blend the product. Packaging is recyclable.
BeneTint is very different from the rest of Benefit's tints. While PosieTint, ChaChaTint, and LolliTint are slightly creamy in consistency, BeneTint is straight up watery. The extremely thin consistency of this tint makes it a challenge to apply evenly. Whether it be on the lips or cheeks, you gotta blend BeneTint out fast, this stuff starts to sink in immediately! As with all liquid tints, BeneTint must be applied before powder products. If you're looking for lasting power, Benefit's tints are where its at. While all of Benefit's lip and cheek stains are long wearing, BeneTint boasts the most longevity. On the lips, BeneTin can last up to seven hours, and ten hours on the cheeks.Removal can be a chore, so apply with care. BeneTint has a strong rose scent and bitter flavor.
I find BeneTint difficult to apply evenly on the lips, it consistently shows up much stronger on the bottom lip. On top of that, this tint is very drying, accentuating dryness and occasionally causing that terrible shriveled lip look To correct this, I highly recommend prepping the lips with a scrub and balm, then pairing BeneTint with a moisturizing lip product like BeneBalm or Revlon's Balm Stain in Romantic. Color payoff is sheer, but it can be built up to an extent; while color can be built up, BeneTint will never be opaque, it just isn't that kind of product. 

I much prefer BeneTint on the cheeks. This lip and cheek stain looks so natural, like a true flush. BeneTint really melds with the skin, it doesn't look like makeup at all. Its so hard to go overboard with this tint, you can just keep layering it and layering it, and you'll never look more than a little bit embarrassed. By far, this is the realest looking blusher I've ever tried. 
BeneTint is a gorgeous, sheer, rosy red that becomes more pink when blended out. Its hard for me to describe the finish of BeneTint, because it doesn't really have one, it takes on the texture of your skin, or whatever foundation you apply it over. Generally though, BeneTint is matte, without any shimmer, glitter, or sheen. 
Benefit's BeneTint was worth the wait. I'm glad that I finally got to try it. This lip and cheek stain can be a struggle to work with, so I wouldn't recommend it to a makeup novice. However, with a bit of effort, BeneTint can yield gorgeous results. This stuff creates the truest, rosiest flush I have ever seen! The little 4ml bottle I have will last be ages, since just a drop or two can go such a long way, but when its empty, I'll likely repurchase! I totally get the hype around BeneTint, and I do recommend it. 

Water (Aqua), Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Carmine (CI 75470), Methylparaben, Fragrance (Parfum), Tetrasodium EDTA, Geraniol, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol, Maltodextrin, Benzyl Salicylate, BHT.


  1. You look great in this. I have a liquid tint/stain from another brand and I struggle with it. It is difficult for me to apply, maybe there is a learning curve with the liquids such as this? +

    1. There can be, just keep at it. I can try writing up a tutorial if you'd like.