Sydney Adventures - Week 6 + 7 - Blue Mountains Vacation

The day after our engagement party, Dean and I both fell quite ill, and are still recovering. Bacterial laryngitis or something. We had short lived fevers, lost our voices for several days, and are still struggling through lingering coughs. Its been a tough two weeks. I really have nothing to share from last week, I barely even worked on my blog. The tail end of this week was kinda exciting.

While we were both sick and stuck at home, we managed to finish the 1000 piece puzzle we started when I first got here. It was pretty tough, this puzzle had a lot of muted colors and was like, 15% purple. Once we were about half way done it came together pretty quick. Finishing the puzzle was very satisfying, and how pretty is that bird?! 
[View from our Hotel Room)
On Friday, Dean and I left for our first real vacation together - three days in Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. I've been to Australia several times, but aside from a brief stop in Melbourne's airport, I've never been outside of Sydney. The drive up to Katoomba was uneventful, it was already dark so there wasn't too much to see. The hotel we stayed at, The Carrington was gorgeous and posh as heck - yet reasonably priced! Our bed was fucking massive - at least seven feet across. The room also had a fancy jet spa tub. I used some Lush Pink Fun Soap to make a bubble bath and wow - bubbles foreva. 
On Saturday, we drove out to Jenolan Caves, where we explored the beautiful, crystal and bat filled Lucas Cave. We strolled around Blue Lake, hoping to spy some platypi. While our search wasn't very fruitful, we saw about a million lizards, which is always a treat for me.  We got a little lost on our way back to the hotel, which wasn't all bad, I got to see a ton of rural New South Wales, which admittedly isn't exciting, but there were lots of sheep, and it was good to get further acquainted with my future home. 
We checked out early today, and stopped at Echo Point to take a peek at the famed Three Sisters. We planned to take the long walk down to the valley, but opted out, since we're still not feeling 100%. It probably isn't advisable to climb 2000 steps up and down a steep mountain on a hundred degree day when you're still hacking up a lung on an hourly basis. We made good time getting home, and enjoyed a pleasant but lazy day together. Even now at 10PM, its still in the 80s and I can't be bothered to unpack, lol. 
[They got my character perfectly]
On a side note, I've been playing Pokemon Gold on an emulator, and I'm doing pretty well. I've beat seven gyms, and have caught 58 Pokemon. My team currently consists of a Gyrados (Lv22), Pidgeot (Lv38), Ditto (Lv11), Ampharos (Lv39), Weepinbell (Lv38), and Quilava (Lv29). Maybe not the most impressive team, but I try to switch my Pokemon out frequently. I'm particularly proud of my Lv43 Seaking. 
I have a busy week coming up. Hopefully, I'll be able to work on the blog more, but I make no promises. I have my Thanksgiving to plan and prepare for, and I only have two weeks left to see my friends. Spending time with Dean is kinda my top priority right now, but I promise to be back on schedule soon!