Sydney Adventures - Week 4 - Cookin' and Haulin'

 My time in Australia is going by way too fast - I only have five and a half weeks left here! Dean&I didn't get up to anything interesting at all this week. Literally nothing - til yesterday. Click through to see what I did this week.

 We've had the house to ourselves for most of the week, so we've been playing house. I've been experimenting in the kitchen - as always lol. I've been making some quick, simple meals like my signature Parmesan Ranch Roast Potatoes, Dean's personal favorite; Fettuccine with butter chicken sauce and salad, and stir fry with leftover steak.
We had a couple bros over to play last night. I dominated at Mario Kart, again, and had two solid games of Scrabble - I came in second both games, behind Dean, who is an unstoppable force. 

Today we popped into Westpoint to pick up some produce at Blacktown Growers - a fruit and veg shop that I highly recommend to anyone in the greater Blacktown area! We also stopped into Proud's, because after a year, we're finally getting my engagement resized - so I'll finally be able to wear it! 
The weather has been absolutely lovely this week! Hot, but not too hot - except today, where it was 105F/41C. There's been gently breezes, and barely a cloud in the sky. Its a shame that we weren't out more! Even Dean said today was a total beach day. Hopefully well hit the beach next week if this gorgeous weather continues. 
Of course, what week is complete without a few beauty treats? I placed an order from NYX - their brand new Wicked Lipsticks were just too tempting. I'll be sure to share swatches as soon as I get home. I also stopped into Priceline today. They had Rimmel on a 3 for 2 offer, so I picked up the new WonderFull Argan Oil Mascara and Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm in Drive me Nude, as well as the Wake Me Up Concealer.