Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review+Swatches

 Essence All About Eyeshadow Palettes are all about "Beautiful Eyes. A gorgeous look is guaranteed by the eyeshadow palettes with six trendy colors each. The smooth texture of the eyeshadows contains shimmering, matt, and metallic effects - for endless looks." Ok, that was poorly translated. These palettes are available in five color schemes (only two in Aus), my review features All About Nude. Each All About.. Eyeshadow Palette contains 8.5 grams (.29 oz) and sells for $5 ($6.50 AUD). Essence does not test on animals. This eyeshadow palette was made in Poland.

 Packaging for Essence's All About Eyeshadow Palettes is quite simple. The palette is completely clear, with the Essence logo and product name printed on the flip top lid in silver lettering. Lettering rubs off quite quickly. A label is affixed to the back of the palette offering a product description and full ingredient list - both in several languages. The six eyeshadows are separated into two rows of three shadows. These eyeshadows cannot be depotted, as they were poured directly into the palette and not into pans. Packaging is recyclable.
 The All About Nude Palette is a mixed bag, half good, half mediocre. These eyeshadows are densely pressed yet soft, they're don't kick up a considerable amount of excess powder but most of them have a textural problem of their own, which I'll touch on in their individual descriptions. As a whole, these eyeshadows are under pigmented, but a primer or base will nearly double color payoff. Wear is satisfactory - over a primer I get about seven hours of crease free color with minimal fading. Though I may not love the formula, I do love the gorgeous color scheme. All six shades are well coordinated, so a wide variety of soft, taupe, pink, and burgundy looks can be created. Best of all, this palette contains a couple of near dupes for shades in Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette.
 Shade 1 is a frosty ivory with a few flecks of gold glitter here and there. Even over primer, this eyeshadow has terrible color payoff. The texture is kinda dry and a little flaky, causing it to apply unevenly and blend poorly.
 Shade 2 is a matte carnation pink. This eyeshadow is very soft, velvety even. The lovely texture translates into smooth application and easy blending. Unfortunately color payoff is quite weak. This color is similar to UD's Burnout.
 Shade 3 is a frosted taupe with a slight pink influence. Color payoff isn't strong, but it can be built up. This lovely taupe has a hard texture, so its hard to pick up, yet somehow easy to work with. This is my favorite and most frequently used eyeshadow in the All About Nude palette.
 Shade 4 is a nearly metallic baby pink. This eyeshadow is pigmented, but it has severe textural problems. In the pen this eyeshoadiw is crumbly. On the eye it applies patchily and looks flaky, plus it causes a ton of glittery fallout. Its very reminiscent of Urban Decay's Dust eyeshadow, both in color and in poor texture.
 Shade 5 is a midtoned grey with a satin finish. This shadow has strong pigmentation and an excellent consistency. Its soft, smooth, and blendable. This is probably the best eyeshadow in Essences' All About Nude Palette.
 Shade 6 is a beautiful, frosty burgundy. This shadow is well pigmented and pretty easy to work with, though it does cause a little bit of fallout. Sadly, it pulls pretty brown on my eyes and the gorgeous wine tones are barely apparent.
Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow Palette is only alright. I bought it in a pinch, and it served it's purpose til I had access to other eyeshadows, but I don't think I'll use it very often from now on. Each eyeshadow varies in quality, its pretty much an even split between good and bad. I love the grey and burgundy shades especially. I don't really recommend this palette, maybe it would be good for beginners, but for an eyeshadow enthusiast like myself, the All About Nude Eyeshadow Palette doesn't make the cut. 

Mica, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Talc, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, C12-20 Acid Peg-8 Ester, Squalane, Glycerin, Magnesium Stearate, Polysorbate 80, Caprylyl Glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tin Oxide, Ci 77491 (iron Oxides), Ci 77891 (titanium Dioxide).

This product was gifted to me.