The Beauty Blender Review

 I finally got to try the Beauty Blender - the revolutionary sponge that sparked the reusable blending sponge trend. The Beauty Blender was invented by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, who created it to "leave you with a professional finish and flawless complexion." These sponges are available in several colors, and in single or duo packs. I received a single, classic pink Beauty Blender and small bottle of Blender Cleanser as an IpsyPoints Reward. Single Beauty Blenders sell for $19.95. Beauty Blenders can be ordered from the brands website and a variety of etailers, or bought at Sephora.

[Close up to show texture]
 The Beauty Blender is a small, tear drop shaped, hot pink sponge. This sponge is quite soft and squishy, with a refined texture that isn't overly porous. This sponge has three distinct zones, each of which offers a different application method. The rounded bottom is best for bouncing and stippling product onto the skin. The fine, pointed tip can be used to apply and blend product onto hard to reach areas like the inner corner of the eyes, or for precision concealing. The gently curving sides of the Beauty Blender can roll product onto the skin. Beauty Blenders, and similar sponges, can be used wet or dry. When used wet, this sponge more than doubles in size! I'm pleased to report that this sponge soaks up very little product, less than most comparable sponges. The Beauty Blender is great for applying liquid foundations, it gives a very seamless result. I also love to use the Beauty Blender for pressing in and blending out my under eye concealer, since the moisture in the sponge is imparted into the product and skin, it helps prevent caking and creasing. I've tried applying powder foundations with this sponge, and was impressed by how much coverage this method yielded. However, I find that I still have to blend with a brush afterwards.

The downside of the Beauty Blender is how fragile it is. This sponge cleans well with a gentle hand soap or the Blender Cleanser. Product rinses out easily without much staining, but with the product comes the sponge's color - I can't believe how much pink dye comes out every time I wash my Beauty Blender. On top of that, after just a few washes, I'm beginning to notice some wear and literal tear. The absolute tip has come off, and several tiny tears are forming on the sides of the sponge. The Beauty Blender takes longer to dry than the other sponges that I've tried. Beauty Blenders and all blending sponges should be washed often - at least once a week, if not more often.
I like the Beauty Blender! It applies both liquid and powder products well. The soft, bouncy texture and tear drop shape make it quite easy to use. Sadly, I don't think my Beauty Blender will last me much longer - its beginning to deteriorate after half a month of use and about six washes. Because of this, I don't recommend, nor will I repurchase the Beauty Blender. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is a sturdier, much more affordable ($6) alternative. 

Beauty Blender offers a recycling program, called Beauty Sender, for their sponges. More info can be found on the brand's website. 

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