Sydney Adventures - Week 1 - Lush Haul + Taylor's Here!

 My first week in Sydney is already over! I don't have a lot of stuff to tell yinz about, since I posted several times about my lost bag. If you haven't kept up with that fiasco, I'll keep it short - my luggage got lost on the way to Sydney, it showed up five days later, nothing was missing and everything is coolies. Click through to see what I've been up to.

Dean went back to work on Monday, and at first it was good to get back to working on the blog, but by Wednesday I was kinda lonely. Luckily, Taylor, a friend from Adelaide, arrived on Thursday for a six day visit. We've had a fun few days, playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 and watching Game Grumps and terrible Netflix documentaries. 

On Saturday we went to Parramatta Westfield. The shops were absolutely packed because Kim Kardashian was there for a Q&A and fashion show. We had lunch at Oportos, my favorite Australian fast food restaurant. I also hit up Lush and picked up two treats - Ocean Salt, a scrub that I consider an essential part of my skincare routine, and Pink Fun Soap. 
 Sunday was super fun, we went to an arcade in Blacktown. I played a ridiculous amount of Skee Ball, which is one of my only talents, lol. Dean and Taylor won me a plush Lumpy Space Princess - I love her already. We also played a round of mini golf. Despite getting the most hole-in-ones, I came dead last (I fucked up two holes entirely). We finished the night off with dinner at Nando's, where I had a great chicken burger and salad with red pepper dressing.

I've had a great week, I'm so happy to be back in Australia and back with Dean again! I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up this week too - including Sydney IMATS!
I'm now doing daily face of the days on Tumblr btw!