Sugarpill ChromaLust Pigment Swatches+First Impressions

 Sugarpill's ChromaLust Pigments are loose shadows that I've been lusting after for years. I picked up four at IMATS, and it was really difficult for me to choose my colors! I picked up Royal Sugar, Tipsy, Darling, and Paperdoll. These beautiful pigments are available in twelve shades. Each ChromaLust contains 4 grams (.14 oz) of product and cost a very reasonable $12. Sugarpill is cruelty free.

 ChromaLust pigments come in stout plastic jars with twist on caps. These pigments do not have a sifter - so be careful! Texture varies pigment to pigment. As a whole, they seem to be soft, but dry and a little dusty. I intended on doing eye swatches for this post as well, but I changed my mind when I tried to remove my arm swatches - ChromaLusts stain my pale skin like a motherfucker. The swatches show below are one layer, applied with a brush, over a primer. The left swatch is applied dry, the right swatch is applied wet - I used a drop of setting spray for my mixing medium.
 Darling is a "stunning teal loaded with iridescent turquoise star bursts." I think Darling may be the most beautiful of the bunch. This is a green leaning teal with just a bit of silver glitter. Darling is on the chunkier side, yet it still applies smoothly, and with lush color payoff. Applying Darling damp will sheer it out a little, but it will make the finish much more iridescent. 
 Paperdoll is a "lovely lavender with dazzling shimmer and sparkle." Paperdoll is a light lavender with fine silver shimmer. Soft and finely milled, bu kinda dry, Paperdoll applies a little stiffly, yet still smooth. Color payoff isn't pretty average. Application doesn't change much when used wet, color payoff intensifies only, slightly. This nearly pastel shade was the only one that didn't stain my skin. 
 Tipsy is a "high shimmer, true grass green", which is pretty accurate. Tipsy is a gorgeous, bright, midtoned green with small bits of gold and lime green glitter. Tipsy has a soft texture that helps it apply very smoothly. Color payoff is excellent. Used wet, Tipsy sheers out some, and becomes much more frosty. Either way, this is a beautiful green
Royal Sugar, one of Sugarpill's iconic shades, is described as a "striking bright blue with a heavenly burst of turquoise diamonds. The perfect hooker blue for a sweet girl like you." Royal Sugar is a beautiful, bright blue with a matte base and silver and light blue shimmer tossed in. I can tell already that this is a diva of an eyeshadow - its very fine in teture, and the glitter particles do not seem to bind well with the base color. Color payoff is good when used dry. However, when used wet, Royal Sugar sheers out significantly. This intense blue stains badly and proved very difficult to remove.