Bath&BodyWorks Endless Weekend Shower Gel Review

Bath&BodyWorks' Endless Weekend is a summery new additional to the Signature Collection. I had no intent to try Endless Weekend when it was first released, but I was drawn in by it's gorgeous label artwork and blue color - and I fell in love at first sniff. I picked up the full size shower gel during my most recent Bath&BodyWorks haul for free with a coupon! This shower gel contains 10 fl oz (295ml) and regularly sells for $12.50. A 3 fl oz (88ml) travel size is also available for five bucks. Endless Weekend is available in seven different products. Bath&BodyWorks is cruelty free. This shower gel was made in the USA. 

Bath&BodyWorks recently repackaged their entire Signature Collection. Their body lotions and shower gels now come in tall, rectangular bottles with square, silver caps. The bottles are difficult to squeeze (at least if you have weak little baby hands like me), so it can be difficult to dispense product. Endless Weekend has very cute label artwork, with a wonderful color scheme. A couple in a convertible drive along an ocean side highway. The scent name is printed in metallic, rosy letters. A scent description and ingredient list can be found on the back of the bottle.
Endless Weekend is described as  "full of sunshine and happiness, evoking those carefree summer days you wish would never end. Bursting with fresh summer mandarin, sun kissed magnolia, and raspberry lychee sorbet, this fragrance is finished with a breeze of blue coconut water and vanilla sandalwood."

Top Notes: Raspberry Lychee Sorbet, Sparkling Mandarin, Juicy Nectarine, Apple, Mirabelle Plum
Mid Notes: Sunkissed Magnolia, Gardenia, Plum Blossom, Fresh Picked Jasmine Sanbac
Dry Notes: Vanilla Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid, Blue Coconut Water, Sugared Musk
I like Endless Weekend so much more than I expected to. A warm, summery, fruity scent with just a hint of floral notes. To me, Endless Weekend smells like a blend of raspberry, lychee, and plum against a background of coconut, jasmine, and a touch of sandalwood. Its delightful and neither too strong nor too light. This scent lingers on the skin for about two hours. Longevity can be bumped up by layering the matching lotion and fine fragrance mist.

Bath&BodyWorks says "wash your way to softer, cleaner skin with a rich, bubbly lather bursting with fragrance. Moisturizing aloe vera and Vitamin E combine with skin loving shea butter in our most irresistable, beautifully fragranced formula." I've always been a fan of Bath&BodyWorks' shower gels, but I really do like the improved formula. Just a little bit of this body wash will create a lot of bubbly, rich lather, All those suds will rinse away with minimal effort. Is this shower gel's formula really as moisturizing as its promised to be? Eh, not really, but its far from drying. Most importantly, Bath&BodyWorks shower gels are effective when it comes to getting you clean and smelling good. This stuff also provides a smooth shave in a pinch.

I'm pleased with Bath&BodyWorks' Endless Weekend Shower Gel. Packaging is nice, though I prefer the brand's older style. The formula is good, it lathers richly and cleans well, depositing fragrance without stripping the skin. Endless Weekend is fruity and sweet, not at all artificial - a great scent for the warmer months. If you like fruity scents, you'll definitely want to give this one a sniff.

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