Benefit Rockitude Rose Gold Lip&Cheek Kit Swatches+First Impressions

Benefit's newest "BeneKit" is Rockitude - a "Rockin' Rose Gold Lip&Cheek Kit". This four piece value kit is comprised of the Rockateur Box-o-Powder Blush and Plush Gloss, along with two classic Benefit products - BeneTint Lip&Cheek Tint and High Beam Highlighter. This kit sells for $28 at Sephora, Ulta, and other Benefit retailers - though it may not be on the shelves yet, I had to ask for mine at Sephora today. Benefit does not test on animals. Click through for a peek at the products inside.

 Benefit's Rockitude Kit has cute but bulky packaging. All four products are housed in a old cardboard palette with pink and black lace graphic details. "Rockitude" is scrawled across the palette's flip top, which is held shut via magnet. Opening the Rockitude kit, you'll find the four products and a small brush, which is just a smaller version of the one included with all Benefit Box-o-Powders. BeneTint, High Beam, and the Rockateur gloss are separate products, the Rockateur blush is the only product inlaid in this palette, though its easy to depot. Each product is numbered, which coordinates with the included instruction booklet that offers tips on applying each product.
 BeneTint is a translucent rose tinted (and scented) lip and cheek stain. I've always wanted to own this cult classic product, but was always hesitant to purchase the full size, which sells for $30. Despite it's watery consistency, BeneTint delivers a potent pop of color to both lips and cheeks.
 High Beam is the only product in this kit that I've tried before - and I love it. This illuminator is slightly pink in tone and not overly iridescent in finish. This'll be my third bottle of High Beam - shouldn't that be testament to how good it is?
 The Rockateur Box o Powder Blush is a gorgeous rose gold powder with a silky texture and good pigmentation. The work "Rock" is stamped into the powder. Rockateur has the same soft scent all of Benefit's blushes do.
 The Rockateur Plush Gloss is just as beautiful as the matching cheek color - though I gotta say its darker than I expected, its bronzier than the coordinating blusher. This gloss is surprisingly pigmented with a slick texture and pleasant fruity flavor.
I'm super excited for Benefit's Rockitude Kit, I think I'm going to like every product in it. I'm particularly excited to test out BeneTint. I don't think Benefit's Lip&Cheek Kits are a very good value honestly. Mathing it out, the $28 price tag makes sense, but it just seems like a lot for four deluxe sized products. I'll be reviewing the Rockateur gloss and blush and BeneTint individually soon. 


  1. I don't know if I should say I have "Rockitude" any more...

  2. I looooove the Rockateur blusher! I've also been curious about the new matching gloss, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I've decided to go cruelty free and might have to look more into Benefit now! Also, are you going to get their new cream blusher? I'm starting to think about it!

    1. I'll try to get a review of the Rockateur Gloss up for you soonish. I do think I'm going to get the Majorette Cream Blush. I was lucky enough to swatch it at Ulta (the Benefit girls are always so nice about letting me try products pre-release!), and the color and packaging are gorgeous. The texture was kinda interesting though!