Royal&Langnickle Silk Pro C402 Mini Flat Smudge Brush

 Royal&Langnickel's Silk Pro Mini Flat Smudge Brush (C402) is an "extra small flat smudger that "makes it effortless to achieve the smokey eye with minimum effort needed." This natural haired brush (the exact material is not stated) sells for $7.99, I got mine at Sydney IMATS for about $5. Royal&Langnickel products can be ordered via the brand's website, which offers international shipping. This pro brush line can also be found in a handful of beauty suppliers. Royal&Langnickel do not mention where this brush was made.

 From the base of the black wooden handle to the tip of the silky brown natural bristles, Royal&Langnickel's C402 brush measures just under six inches long. The lightweight wooden handle features the Royal&Langnickel logo on one side, the brush name and number on the other. The chrome plated brass ferrule is firmly glued to the handle - a pleasant surprise, since I've had some structural issues with most of the R&L brushes I've tried. The Silk Pro Mini Flat Smudge Brush is quite small, similar in shape but a third of the size of ELF's Essential Eyeshadow Brush. The densely packed, paddle shaped brush head is gently rounded at the top. This brush is fairly stiff, though there is a bit of movement at the very tip of the bristles. The natural bristles have maintained their shape perfectly, not a single one is out of place, and I haven't noticed any shedding either. Royal&Langnickel's C402 washes easily and dries quickly.
 Royal&Langnickel's Silk Pro Mini Flat Smudge Brush is super small, making it easy to get right up against the lash line for extra precise smudging. The compact size also makes the C402 awesome for applying eyeshadow to hard to reach places like the inner corner. Those that prefer working with small brushes will love the Mini Flat Smudge Brush. Though I haven't tried it, I feel like the C402 could also be good for applying thicker concealers.
I really like Royal&Langnickel's Silk Pro Mini Smudge Brush! So far its the best R&L brush that I've tried. Its well constructed and pretty dang useful! The C402 brush is great for smudging out pencil and powder products, or applying makeup in a precise manner. I reach for this brush often, I may even pick up a second one at IMATS this year. I recommend Royal&Langnickel's C402 to those that love a smokey, smudgy look.