EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush Review

 EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush is "specifically designed for use with popular BB/CC creams to create a smoother application and eliminate oil transfer from hands to face. The angled edge of the brush allows for easy application in hard-to-reach areas on the face while the cut and soft bristles make for give a smoother finish, even around the eyes and nose." This brush, which is one of the newer additions to the EcoTools range, retails for around $8. This brush was made in China.

EcoTools' Skin Perfecting Brush has a tapered bamboo handle with the EcoTools logo stained on it. The brown aluminum ferrule, which is made of recycled material, is firmly glued to the handle. The soft, synthetic, white bristles are cut at an angle. The bristles are densely packed and on the stiff side, though the longer side of the brush has a greater range of motion. The bristles absorb far more product than I deem acceptable - it soaks up at least a third of the product. On the bright side, there are no splayed bristles and I've experienced zero shedding. This brush washes well and dries quickly. 
 I haven't had any luck with EcoTools' Skin Perfecting Brush. I've tried a variety of products - from my thinnest foundation (Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch) to my thickest (Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse), and every BB Cream in my collection, and pretty much application method in the book (stippling, buffing, and stroking in every direction) - all with no avail. Regardless of product or technique, my face makeup ends up streaky. It seems like this angled brush just moves product around on the face instead of blending. So it doesn't work with liquid or cream products. Are powder products any better? Yeah, actually, the EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush buffs powder foundation on nicely. I also like the way it applies powder blush.
For it's intended purpose, EcoTools' Skin Perfecting Brush isn't very good - it causes streaky, uneven application. On the other hand, it plays nice with powder products; buffs them right in! This brush is sturdily constructed and washes well. While the $8 price is fair, I wouldn't recommend the EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush, at least not for BB cream application - that's what fingers are for anyway. 

This product was gifted to me.

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  1. I get it, it was made in china so they made it out of bamboo