BYS Black Pearlised Liquid Eyeliner Review

 BYS' Pearlised Liquid Eyeliners are metallic liners available in seven shades - this review is for Black. BYS doesn't offer a description of this product. The Pearlised Liquid Eyeliner contains 2.6ml and sells for $3.95 AUD and some Australian chemists. BYS is also sold in New Zealand and Malaysia. BYS does not test on animals. This liquid liner was made in China.

 BYS Pearlised Eyeliners have very basic packaging. The liquid liner comes in a conical, clear plastic well with the brand logo printed on the front. The bottle is topped with a tall, black plastic cap. A tab was attached to the handle that offered the full ingredient list. The BYS Pearlised Liquid Eyeliner has a narrow, flexible brush tip applicator that's easy to work with.
 I'm not a fan of BYS Pearlised Liquid Eyeliner's formula. This slightly metallic, not so black eyeliner (its more a charcoal grey with fine blue shimmer) applies only semi-opaque. Attempting to apply a second coat is a terrible mistake - it just wipes away the prior layer. This budget friendly liquid liner takes about a minute to dry down. Once dry, BYS Pearlised Liquid Liner wears well for five to six hours, but it begins to flake off after that. In fact, this is one of those eyeliners that you can peel off in one piece. So, I guess you can say that its easy to remove. Also worth mentioning, is that this liquid liner burns upon application - though it doesn't irritate my eyes once its dry.
BYS Black Pearlised Liquid Eyeliner kinda sucks, to be honest. It stings during application, though it does go on smoothly. Wear starts off promising, but flaking will occur. Color payoff leaves something to be desired. The black shade is only remotely black, its really more a blue tinged dark grey. Its not all terrible though; the brush applicator is great and really easy to use. The $4 price tag is super reasonable, especially by Australian standards. I do not recommend the BYS Pearlised Liquid Eyeliner. I'm just gonna go ahead and toss this liner out now. 

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