Bath&BodyWorks Espresso Bar Candle Review

 Bath&BodyWorks says their candles are made using "the highest concentration of fragrance oils and an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead free wicks. Our Small Candles are contained in elegant glass and topped with a flame extinguishing lids. Small Candles burn approximately 20-30 hours." I'm not really a candle person, but I am kinda obsessed with coffee. My boss, equally passionate about coffee, always has an Espresso Bar candle burning and I fell in love with the scent. One of my readers, Bianca (who runs one of my favorite Tumblrs.), told me she scored an Espresso Bar candle for just five bucks during her Semi Annual Sale haul, a price I couldn't pass up. This candle normally sells for $10, the larger 3 Wick version costs $22.50. This candle was made in America.

 The Espresso Bar Candle comes in a round glass jar that measures 3" wide by 2.5" tall, topped with a gold cap. The Espresso Bar label features the scent name written in white letters, superimposed over an espresso being pored into a white cup. A label is affixed to the bottom of the jar, offering a scent description and directions for safely burning this candle. Packaging is recyclable.
 Bath&BodyWorks says "In Italy, you never take your coffee 'to go', instead you stop and savor the aromas of roasts espresso beans and sweet vanilla froth that inspired this fragrance." Before its lit, this deep, rich brown candle smells like delicious, fresh, slightly bitter coffee beans. Its heaven in a jar. Espresso Bar gets a little more complex once it's burning. The scent becomes warmer, less bitter, smelling more like brewed coffee than ground coffee beans. Joining the coffee notes is a light vanilla note. The two scents don't compete, they coalesce - creating the aroma of a sweet, warm cafe treat. Espresso Bar is a moderately potent candle, the scent fills the room but isn't too strong, and it lingers for about an hour after the candle is extinguished. My Espresso Bar candle is burning evenly.
I'm a big fan of Bath&Bodyworks Espresso Bar Candle. I love everything about coffee, I want my office and bedroom to smell like it, whether I'm drinking any or not. This candle puts off the perfect amount of scent and burns nicely. I'd like to pick up two more while the Semi Annual Sale is still on. If you love coffee, you gotta try Bath&BodyWorks Espresso Bar Candle, I'm so glad I did. 

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