Out with the Old - June 2014

 I finished a good amount of stuff this month - lotsa skincare, but also a fair bit of makeup. Click through to see what I'm tossing out. Asterisks denote that I already had a backup, or will be repurchasing.

 Bath&BodyWorks Paris Amour Shower Gel - Empty*
Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter - Empty
Bath&BodyWorks Canadian Berry Pie Pocket Bac - Empty
Freeman Revealing Pomegranate Peel Off Mask - Old
Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer - empty 


  1. Yay for empties! I am shocked with how much face powder I've gone through this summer, it actually makes me happy since now my hoard is under control!

    1. Same! I'm actually gonna have a reason to buy powder soon! I'm blowing though my Dream Wonder powder (I guess that's a spoiler for next month's Out With the Old).

  2. Uh oh looks like I might have to purchase more makeup