Born Pretty Store Comma Shaped Rhinestones Review

Born Pretty Store's Comma Shaped Rhinestones are an assortment of twelve colors of acrylic rhinestones that measure roughly 2.5mm. A wheel of these colorful nail art jewels retails for $3.75, though buying multiple wheels will get you a discount. See below for a 10% discount, and more information on the Comma Shaped Rhinestones.

 Born Pretty Store's Comma Shaped Rhinestones come in a white disk with a clear twist lid. Each color of rhinestone is separated into it's own little compartment.

These gorgeous nail art decorations have flat backs that make them super easy to apply. The shape and size of of BPS' Comma Shaped Rhinestones make them easy to interlock and create other shapes. I get good wear from these little nail decorations - they've lasted up to a week on my nails, though the wear is really determined by what nail glue or top coat you use to apply them. I've had a bit of difficulty removing them, actually. Born Pretty Store also says that these acrylic rhinestones can be used for body art, or craft projects like decorating phone cases. 

As I mentioned, these Comma Shaped Rhinestones are available in a dozen shades; teal, green, silver, violet, red, baby pink, indigo, lime green, fuchsia, aqua, gold, and orange. 
[just a quick couple designs I played around with]
I'm definitely no nail artist, I can't even wear nail polish on my fingers. However, the ease of use for Born Pretty Store's Comma Shaped Rhinestones have piqued my interest in fancy little nail designs! If you're interested in nail art and are looking for affordable supplies, check out Born Pretty Store - their selection is huge and reasonable priced. 

Keep an eye out for a tutorial on how to use nail art rhinestones. 

This product was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for review. My opinions were not influenced by BPS or any other third parties.

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  1. Those aren't very comma shaped, more like teardrops