Urban Decay Good Karma Blending Brush Review

 Urban Decay's Good Karma Blending Brush is a "large shadow brush with a fluffy shape. This blending brush sweeps shadow across the lids and blends out color. Built to leave shadow on your eye (rather than a tight shadow brsh that was made to pick up and lay down color) and loose bristles of the Blending Brush keep your color where it belongs while creating the blended look you desire." This brush sells for $26. I got this brush with my Naked 3 Palette. Urban Decay is a cruelty free brand (though their parent company, L'Oreal, is not). This brush was made in China.

 Since this brush came with a palette, it's design is a little different than usual (though the quality is exactly the same!). This double ended brush (the other end is a Good Karma Shadow Brush) has a lightweight, narrow, metal, taupe handle. The Good Karma brushes feature soft, brown taklon bristles with white tips. Urban Decay's Blending Brush is unique, its shaped more like a traditional eyeshadow brush than a standard blender. This brush is densely packed and a little stiff at the base, but the tip is soft, fluffy, and slightly rounded. Kinda like Bdellium Tools' 777 Brush, Urban Decay's Good Karma Blending Brush is a jack of all trdes. This paddle shaped brush is great for applying eyeshadows to the lid with the flat sides. The rounded tip is excellent for applying product into the crease, as well as blending. This is definitely the kind of brush you can create a full look with. From my experience, the Good Karma brush line is great quality. This brush washes well, product slides right out of these sleek, synthetic bristles, and they never seem to stain. The taklon bristles dry quickly. There isn't a single bristle out of place. I've never experienced shedding with this, or any, Urban Decay brush.
Urban Decay's Good Karma Blending Brush is awesome! The shape of this brush is unique, making it effective for application and blending. The overall quality of this brush is excellent. I think its really impressive and commendable that Urban Decay includes such good quality brushes with their palette.s Though this brush is pretty pricey, its worth picking up. 

This product was gifted to me.

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