NYX Macaron Lippies Swatches+First Impressions

NYX' new Macaron Lippies are excited. This new line of lipsticks is one of the most affordable and widely available sources of crazy colored lipsticks. Macaron Lippies are available in uncommon colors like blues, greens, yellow as well as more wearable shades like lilac and pink. A total of a dozen shades are available, I picked up four of them. These bold lipsticks are just $6 a piece. Click through for swatches, lip swatches, and a few quick thoughts.

Macaron Lippies are somewhere between the Round Lipstick and Butter Lipstick formulas also offered by NYX. These lipsticks are fairly creamy, they apply smoothly. Color payoff varies from shade to shade. I haven't worn any of these, so I can't speak on longevity yet. The Macaron Lippies don't have any flavor or scent. So far my only complaint is the crappy packaging. Its unattractive and flimsy - these lipsticks don't stay up when you twist them up, they slide right back down.
Key Lime is a bright, lime green with a satin finish. Of the four Macaron Lippies I picked up, this is my least favorite. It took three layers to build up the color you see above. Even after three layers, my natural lip color still peeks through, warping the green color. 
Black Sesame is a light grey with a demi matte finish. On my fairly pink lips, it pulls slightly bluish. Pictured above is two layers on the lips. Black Sesame is surprisingly flattering. A grey lipstick is surprisingly practical, it'd be good for mixing. 
Pistachio is a gorgeous aqua with a satin finish. Color payoff is great, my lip swatch shows one layer. Once again, I find this minty shade surprisingly wearable. 
Blue Velvet is a dream come true to me. I love anything blue, and have always wanted a blue lipstick! Blue Velvet is a true blue with a satin finish. One coat is almost completely opaque. On its own, Blue Velvet isn't the most practical lipstick out there, but it could make a good mixing shade.

Do you have any NYX Macaron Lippies? Planning on picking any up? Comment and let me know.

This product was gifted to me.